Oh dear!

I don’t think I got the job I interviewed for yesterday on account of they wanted me to start tomorrow (in Canberra) and I need more than half a day’s notice!  I went into major panic mode this morning because I’ve only worked THREE days since I got back from Japan.  I need to replenish the cash supplies. 

I’m over the panic now because I’ve been working on some writing – I’ve started writing a new novel (did I mention this already?)  and, of course, I’m going to get this published and make scads of cash real soon, cos that’s how publishing works!  Ha ha ha ha… *major hysterical laugh*.

I have another interview on Monday… in Ballarat! 

You know what I’m sick of – job agencies.  I’ve had agencies ring me about jobs then never call back, people who keep saying something is coming up in future (one of these roles has been on the horizon for two freaken months!), other agencies keep advertising the same (and presumably bogus) job on Seek for months.  it’s getting very frustrating.

Yesterday I thought of using the one thing I have in abundance to make money:  opinions.  Like a busker but you pay me and I give you my rabid opinion on any topic you suggest.  I practiced this on Andy last night and we end up in an argument over whether Jack Watts had the best possible name for puns in all the AFL draft picks.  

Oh and our modem is screwed.  We need to buy an new one but we have no cash so we just have to suffer substandard internet at the moment.  Which sucks cos we just got into the world’s best drama and it’s only available for streaming.  It’s a total LOL-a-thon whichevenin Japanese with no subs (although maybe NOT as funny if we didn’t keep inventing storylines).

4 responses to “Oh dear!

  1. Ergh completely understand the agency thing. And you know what else sucks? When you 99% have the job but the company continually stalls… then hires someone else themselves so they don’t have to pay the agency the finder’s fee. After 3 interviews.

    Could you not get a hospitality job for a little while to carry you through while you’re looking? You could open a stall on Etsy selling you’re cool socks 😀

  2. you’re = your. I hate bad spelling. Over and out.

  3. I reckon that job will suck if they care so little about how much a move like would take for you to organise

  4. Steele Sidebottom is definitely my favourite draft pick- do you think that his parents put ANY thought into that! Hope you get your work sorted out.

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