Today is so frustrating!  I have to get a copy of my academic transcript so I rang RMIT and they say I have outstanding fees of $350 and they won’t give me my transcript unless I pay that first.  That’s fees for a course from which I withdrew. 

I seem to recall that every time I’ve had to get something from RMIT, I’ve had some mysterious overdue fee charge – and it’s happened to other people I know too.  I’m not making accusations here but I wonder how many people just pay up because they need something in hurry rather than go through the painful process of querying these things. 

So tomorrow I’m going to my storage space to hunt through 500 boxes for my degree/transcript because even if I had a spare $350, I’m not giving it to RMIT.


4 responses to “Arrrgghhhhh

  1. Ah sh*t Kathryn. That’s just a pain in the tail. I hope you find your transcripts because I bet you are right and people just pay because it is the path of least resistance. Good luck – hope you find them in the first box you look in.. No, make that the second. In the first box you are going to find some cheques you forgot to bank, or some cold hard currency you forgot you stashed away 🙂

  2. RMIT suck. That’s why I’m never going there again. I don’t even owe them money and they wouldn’t give me a statement of completion for a degree I’ve well and truly finished unless I paid the TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS and then they MIGHT have had it to me in a couple of weeks. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  3. Sounds a bit like a money making scheme to me.

  4. I hope you find it Kathryn. If you are anything like me, you know you have got it but it is just where and which box!!!

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