Marathon Training – Long Run #1

I have like 11 months until I plan to marathon but you can’t start your long run training too early. Esp when my effort today was 12 kms. Only 30 kms to build up there. I went to the Tan with the intention of seeing how far I could run, thereby setting a benchmark to build from. I ran the first two laps (very slowly) then thought I’d run an extra 2 km to get up to 10 km total.  After 1 km I figured I might as well keep going as turn around – what’s an extra 2 km?

Trying to work out your limits can be hard, can’t it?  I mean we all have a limit we could be running/workout to if absolutely necessary – like if you had a bad man chasing you – but you aren’t going to really work to that same level just on a training run now are you?  I mean, you’ve got to get out of bed and function the next day. 

I finished up today in a state where if someone offered me an obscene amount of cash, I could have done an extra lap but no way was I doing it just for shits and giggles.  I reckon that’s a good point to finish a run.  Now it’s build, build, build, recover and so on.  First step on the ladder is the Run for the Kids next year.

On the job front – just wanted to say for those who commented the job in Canberra said no phone interview, no way.  It *had* to be face to face.  I think that fact and that they wanted the interview on a Monday morning when everyone knows airfares are much more costly around the weekend showed they were NOT employers of choice.  Experience has shown if they are annoying before the interview, things do not get better.

Anyway I have about 3 possiblities in the air, hopefully one will land in a nice bubble of cash.  I figure even if  I can get a week’s work it will keep me going until after Christmas.  Fingers crossed.  After making an initial query about the dole, I never got back in touch with them (I was supposed to call them) but I hate dealing with Centrelink so am really hoping that I don’t need to.

Other good things in life: 

  • I’ve started writing again after not writing anything more creative than a shopping list for about six months.  At the moment, it is only for my own amusement and it might stay that way but I’m enjoying it and that’s what matters cos god knows there is no money in writing anyway 😀
  • I start back at Japanese class next week.  I want to learn kanji because it’s well and good being able to talk the language but sometimes you need to read stuff.  I’m freaked out though cos kanji – not easy.
  • My video clip filming is tomorrow.
  • I know this is the most annoying thing you can say on a blog but I’m thinking about a Major Life Decison that I don’t want to make public atm.

5 responses to “Marathon Training – Long Run #1

  1. Ooh there is absolutely nothing like a nice long-term goal to keep you focussed and energised 🙂 Good luck with the MLD 😛

  2. Well done on the long run – it’s been a while since I ran that far!

    Hope the video is fun!

    Not annoying about the MLD thing on the blog – just make sure you consider carefully then go with your instincts!

  3. I agree, can’t ever start too early to train can you? Have you written yourself up any plans or schedules to stick to over the next months? I find it’s so important for me to have goals to keep myself going.

    Fantastic work on the 12k run! I think it’s a great foundation to work on.

  4. MLD’s are a good thing to make. And yes, extremely infuriating on such a public forum to wave that carrot and then snatch it away LOL..

    Centrelink aren’t too bad, though saying that I need to go and make a major visit soon and I think I am putting it off.. I will put it on the list 😉

  5. Your MLD has been spoken about on here before (if i’m assuming correctly). The sooner you do it, the sooner it will be over with! I’m all for you making the decision and I will help you in any way I can!
    Plenty of us have made the same decision. It’s a toughie though.

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