Dressy dress dress

Back in the heady days of my serious weight lossing, one of the pinnacle moments was the day I realised I never had to shop in plus shops any more.  Woohoo, no more moment.

Well lately I’ve been looking for a dress and everything everywhere is seriously crap.  Arrgghh I hate all the clothes around at the moment.  I finally found one — at City Chic (that’s a plus size shop for those not familiar with it).  It’s the most perfect dress ever and I love it a lot.  But what’s with that shop – where’s all the oversized floral prints and the cheap synthetic fabrics?  Where’s all the “figure flattering” flowing dresses? 


How awesome is that dress?  Btw I have no idea what is going on with the guy in the background!  Or with my zombie facial expression!  Yahs for the dress though – and for having to buy an extra small 😀

I also found my favourite Japanese chocolate: Crunky.  Oh how I love you Crunky.  My diet rule is no chocolate but Crunky, on account of Crunky doesn’t make you fat… plus I have to go into the city to buy so major effort involved.  But once you’ve had Crunky, no other chocolate cuts it.

Anyway, I was going to layby the dress on account of having no source of income at the moment but then remembered that Christmas is coming.  So I bought it on the spot then phoned Andrew and told him he’d done my Christmas shopping – I’m such a good Mum! 

Anyway, I have been thinking about life changing decisions and such at the moment.  I had a call today about a job I’d applied for in Canberra.  They wanted me to go for an interview – the catch was that it had to be Monday morning, they wouldn’t change it to any other time.  To get to Canberra on Monday morning, I’d have had to pay $400-500 for a flight.  I had to make a split second judgement call on it and decided to turn it down.  That’s a lot of money to spend with no guarantee that I’d get the job plus it was only a 2 month contract.  Meanwhile there is NOTHING in Melbourne – and I mean nothing.  All the jobs are in Sydney or New Zealand and, while I’m flexible about moving, those are both more than I could handle I reckon.

14 responses to “Dressy dress dress

  1. Great dress- that is the way I shop in December, buy something I can’t afford then decide who is giving it to me! Everyone wins!

  2. LOVE the dress! I hear you on fashion at the moment, it’s all Let’s Make Everyone Look Pregnant wear. I was mighty miffed when I went to Melbourne that pretty much the only place that had nice clothes was City Chic – fantastic store, but I’m too small for it now. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Good luck with the job hunting, hopefully you won’t have to join me across the ditch just to get stable employment O_O

  3. Hey Kathryn, they should have been able to do a phone interview for you! How unreasonable! Next time ask if they will – I’m doing a couple next week for people who are interstate.

    Good luck on the hunt.

  4. I love the dress, I was in that shop last week and it has some great stuff. It looks awesome on you. Oh and I reckon the guy in the background is more than likely checking you out!! Woot woo!

  5. That dress is perfect on you Kathryn – I love it. The biggest problem with that shop is that everything is sleeveless, printed or strapless. It’s a bit confusing.

  6. I wonder if we have a City Chic here? I seriously love the dress and if there are other things like it in store I think it will have to be a place I visit.

    Do you think it is too late to organise a conference interview? I think some of the new Telstra shops have booths you can hire with a phone and screen and the guys at the other end just need a feed on their pc or equivalent and you should be able to sit there all professional and you, and have the interview that way. Still costs but beats the price tag of a flight anyday.

    Then at least you have given it a shot?

    From memory (which is full of holes) I think it is called tele-conferencing!!

    Anywhoo – even if you don’t use it this time it is a good one to investigate and then have it up your sleeve should another interview opportunity come up interstate 🙂 Have a great weekend

  7. I love the dress, not sure about the holy stockings! That guy is checking out your butt mate! Well done! And good luck with finding a job… don’t come over here! There are bugger all here too.

  8. Cute Dress.

    Having spent more time than I care to remember in Sydney for work myself I have no desire to relocate their permanently, it has been “career limiting” but I couldn’t give a toss, the world does not begin and end in Sydney!

  9. I agree with Briony, I reckon the guy in the background is checking out your legs in those fish-net stockings!

  10. Noice pins,
    from sassy stuck in perth.

  11. Hey Kathryn, ask for a phone interview next time. There is a real skills shortage here in Canberra, so don’t be afraid to push the envelope.

    Love the dress.

  12. ReflectedThoughts

    Hey Stranger!

    Tracked you down in blogging world to see how you were fairing! You look absolutely fantastic, the dress is pretty hot too 😉

    Hope the job front opens up for you soon



  13. Oh what a fantastic looking dress Kathryn. I absolutely love it.

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