Toothed Up

Got out for a run this morning.  After warming up, I tried the 10 min run/1 min walk intervals.  It was hard but not too hard.  I felt a lot better running than I did on Sunday but then because I’d done the kettle bell class yesterday, my legs felt pretty sore so I was forced to keep to a slow pace.  Better to run 3 x 10 mins at slow pace than to go out fast then collapse in heap.

After that, I went to the dentist to get my missing teeth reconstructed.  It’s now the $6million tooth, cos they rebuilt it stronger, faster… and that’s about how much this freaken tooth has cost me!

Got home and checked my bank balance.  My sister had loaned me some money to cover the dental costs etc since I don’t get paid until Thurs.  I knew the money was in my account yesterday.  Checked it today and the transaction had completely disappeared!  OMG!  I freaked and called my sister.  Meanwhile, she was sick on the weekend and it’s developed into something awful, kinda like shingles on her ear drum.  Not good at all.  Sorted it all out with her then rang the bank to check and got a recording saying there has been a BIG problem with transactions from the past 3 days and they are sorting it out atm.  Maybe I should apply for a job with the Comm bank, might be some IT positions vacant there real soon!


4 responses to “Toothed Up

  1. Yay for a new tooth!

    I hear cba totally fucked their shot up yesterday, I just recently closed my account with them, because I had no money in it…

    Good work on getting straight back into the running after your trip. 🙂

  2. I hate when the bank messes it up because I always think that the people I pay bills to aren’t going to believe it when I blame the banks. But I blame the banks anyway 🙂

    Congrats on the new tooth..

  3. So glad you got your toothy fixed AGAIN, fingers crossed the bloody thing is good forever now. bummer about the bank stuff up.

  4. ..bloody teeth..knocking 2 teeth out when i was 18 certainly did me no great dont even want ot know how much i have spent on them…. it may be under 10 grand??????????????????

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