I actually went to the gym today, and did a kettle bell class. Amazingly enough, even though I can notice a huge loss of fitness with running, I didn’t really notice much difference with having three weeks off kettle bell training. Maybe lugging suitcases up and down stairs all over Japan took care of that!

I’ve been thinking lately about all the things I love doing yet seem to avoid – boxing, kettle bell training, go go class even running. Why do I avoid them? Who knows – laziness or some kind of wacky brain stuff? Plus a general dislike of leaving the house. Oh yeah, and I’m too tired!

When I first started exercising, I never let myself use the ”I’m too tired” excuse. I’d go to the gym if I had a gym visit planned. There are rare times when you are too tired to do a workout, like if you’ve been three days without sleep and there’s a danger of dozing off and dropping a dumbbell on your foot, but just everyday stuff like work and life shouldn’t make you too tired to go to gym. In fact going to the gym gives you more energy.

I’m going to start making sure I do the things I enjoy. Not just the things I enjoy, but the things that I don’t really love but make me feel better (I’m talking about you, yoga). I spend far too much time dicking around and far, far too much time playing spider solitaire when I could be spending that time lifting things and hitting things and stretching other things. I’m going to start pushing myself out the door – I can pretty much guarantee I’ll feel better for it.

One response to “Kettlebells

  1. Are.. You… Me ??? LOL.. I was only talking with friends yesterday how I really love to do different types of exercises – swimming, boxing, walking etc, but I loathe getting ready for it. And I know I just have to push past that part – and once I am there and doing it I know I will feel better for it..

    It is all about the habits and excuses we make..

    And I would love to try a KettleBall class. I saw a demonstration once at a Lifestyle Expo and I think they are excellent. They make so much sense to me in preference to standard free weights. And I think you are right – suitcase hauling probably kept your arm strength up 🙂

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