I actually got myself out of the house for a run today, only the second time since I’ve been back. I did a lap of the Tan, finishing at the top of the Anderson St hill, then doubled back to catch up with my sister, walked back with her then ran up the hill a second time. My fitness is totally shot to shit atm, I can barely run 1/2 km without dying, but I ran almost to the top of the hill twice so am proud of my efforts.

I noticed today how many ppl run a really good pace on the flat around the Tan then get to the hill and walk up it. I silently judge them for that… slackers.

After that, we walked through the gardens because there were signs up for an exhibition of botanical drawings. You know, I studied Fine Arts for 3 years and basically think most art is a pile of crap with a lot of wank thrown in, but botanical art is something I can understand. I did get a very snotty look from one woman at the exhibition — hmmmm, seems art and sweat don’t mix.

After that, I decided to run back to the car. Despite nearly dying earlier in my run, I’m rediscovering how much I love running.

I think the plan now is to go out and see how long I can run for then start doing some walk/run intervals like 10 min run/1 min walk or something until I get fitter.

On a completely different note, I mentioned in one of my Japan posts that we went to the Sony centre in Ginza but got stuck watching (and drooling over) an ad. This is the ad, – possibly the hottest thing ever!


7 responses to “Run!

  1. I noticed today how many ppl run a really good pace on the flat around the Tan then get to the hill and walk up it. I silently judge them for that… slackers.

    Oh MAN, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does that! Sisters in Judging Teh Slackers, whoop! πŸ˜€

    And I’m a total slackarse too with my running (or I feel like it, even though it’s under physio’s orders not to run yet, bah), so you’re doing awesome by getting out there and doing it πŸ˜€

  2. Yup – it doesn’t take long to lose the running fitness does it. I find the run/walk interval thing a really good way to get back into it, and to extend the distance. What are you saying is hot, the camera or the boy ?

  3. Am thinking of doing a marathon (after the run melbourne half).

  4. But the good thing is, once you start running again the fitness will return pretty quickly. Good on you Kathryn πŸ™‚

  5. Good that you are back out there again kathryn, you’ll soon get your fitness back….for now just enjoy running again.

  6. OMG I am never running around the tan again, I had no idea….
    you’ll get your fitness back v quickly now you have the sniff of how much you love it πŸ™‚

  7. Please don’t judge me! I am scared about hurting my knee and haven’t been running up hills for about a year. The best bit about losing your fitness is that you get such great results so quickly when you start running again.

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