I can’t believe the weather in Melbourne – it’s like the middle of winter… in Tasmania! Luckily it was okay for a while so I managed to get out and get a coffee.

Things still aren’t back on track around here. I haven’t been to the gym since I got back from holidays – I’ve been totally resistant to going to the gym. I haven’t even been into the city. Instead I’ve been coccooned into my own little world. I leave the house to go to the local cafe and shops and have worked 2 days this week, but don’t feel like going anywhere beyond that.

I had planned to go to Kettlebell class today but when I woke up and heard the storm, I snuggled back down into bed.

I think this week instead of pushing myself to do some hardcore training, I’ll ease myself into it. So long as I do something every day – walk, run, weights at home, etc – I’m not going worry much beyond that.


7 responses to “Stormy

  1. I was sitting at the car radio place this morning watching hailstones the size of peas pelting against the window…..and kind of wishing the first tri of the season wasn’t tomorrow

  2. Yes, we were out in that storm – you were much wiser to be snuggled up in bed.

  3. We have the heating on today! What amazing weather.

  4. It’s 32c here today and muggy. I think I’d rather cold.

    I’ve had fun reading all about your trip to Japan. It sounds like you had a blast.
    Hope you get some steady work soon then you will be more able to settle back into a routine.

  5. The way I’ve found to get back into solid training is simply by easing into it. Then you’re body will adjust as normal and move into it, stronger and better than ever.

    I totally know what you mean when you want to just stay close to home. Especially on days like today! It was sooo coold today. And running in it was pretty horrible!

  6. It is so cold here that I am wearing sweatshirt and ugg boots. Not very attractive. And I am going to have to get changed to go to the shop and part of me is thinking about breaking my own rule of no ugg boots outside the house LOL..

    Lets hope the weather settles down all over the country soon.

  7. Can I say that I *hate* this weather!? Seriously, enough already. It’s nearly December! So I take it Melbourne is as bad as Sydney right now. Bah…

    Definitely get back into training babe but yep, slow and steady. It’s amazing how quickly we lose our fitness when we don’t do it for a while but you should be back up to speed and intensity in no time. You’ll feel better too and the endorphins will get you out of the funk.

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