I’m not working today so woke up thinking of all the things I could do – gym, shopping etc – then remembered I didn’t have a tooth. I don’t wanna go out in public like this. I called my dentist so hopefully they’ll call back soon saying I can get in today.

I think the whole tooth snapping incident isn’t my dentist’s fault – I went to my first (dodgy) dentist who did a root canal on this tooth then my new dentist did the veneer. I wasn’t even eating anything risky – it was a liquorice allsort. Not a particularly hard or chewy liquorice allsort at that, just a regular soft one!

Dental Update: Just got back from the dentist. They can’t do anything until Tuesday! Arrrgghhh! On the bright side, they said they’d take the money I’ve paid for the veneer off the cost of any treatment to fix it.


5 responses to “Toothless

  1. What a bugger!! Actually I ventured out today and someone in the shops asked me what happened to my eye!! There’s enough of an incentive to stay inside for me…

    Hope you can get in to see them soon.. And no more licorice!

  2. I hope you can get into see the denist early today Kathryn, so you can then go shopping and to the gym.

  3. Ouch you poor thing!

    I broke my front tooth when I was a little kid and had to walk around with it for a few weeks before it got fixed, not much fun 😦

  4. Ow – that is not good.

    You’ll just have to walk around with your mouth shut for the weekend.

    At least the dentist doesn’t sound like he wants to rip you off.

  5. Oh no! You poor thing 😦 I guess you’ll just have to avoid smiling until Tuesday… that sucks!

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