My tooth broke – like it just snapped roff about a millimetre from the gum! Not my front tooth but the one next to it. The one that I spent a zillion dollars getting root canal treatment on then a zillion dollars getting it gussied up. Now it’s gone except for a piddly stump and I’m going to have to spend another zillion dollars, which I don’t have, getting it fixed. It’s doubly crucial now because I have to be able to find a job and that’s going to be hard, looking like Cletus the Slack-Jawed, Missing Toothed Yokel.

Must go ring the Dental Hospital Emergency number to find out what I can do!


3 responses to “OMG

  1. Bugger!!!!! Dentists are robbing bastards. How’d you break it???

  2. That is not good! Can you go back to the Dentist and claim faulty workmanship. Do they give 2 year guarantees on dental work. If they don’t – they should. Highway robbery is what most of them charge too..

    And I completely agree about applying for jobs when not looking your best. I currently have a blind sty in my upper left eyelid which has swollen my eyelid all the way up to the eyebrow and across my nose to about 4 times its normal size AND coloured it all a lovely shade of purple… I look like I have gone a few rounds with Ali.. Noice…. I have meds for it now but the Dr said unless we can draw the Sty out of the skin with heat pads (and that has been fun – NOT) it will keep leaching toxins into my skin.

    Aaaarrrgh if it is not one thing..

    That being said, let me know if you meet a really cool hunky dentist. They are always good to have in your little black book LOL

  3. Totally go back to the dentist who did the work, obviously he did something wrong for it to break!!! Shocking! And I know how darn happy you were just recently with having your teeth finally looking good!

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