Weigh In 82.4 kg

That’s a 0.5 kg loss – through no real effort, prolly cos my period started. I’m a bit unsure about how to tackle my weight loss atm, since I struggled so much before I went away. It felt like the harder I tried, the harder I failed. I don’t want to go back to counting calories for a while but rather focus on eating well and exercising. I’ve been really struggling with the exercise side of things so want to get my fitness back.


3 responses to “Weigh In 82.4 kg

  1. I love calorie king- does the counting for me! And once you load in all your meals then you can play around with what you are allowed to eat. If you sorted the exercise out then I bet the weight would just drop off.

  2. I think that exercise is the key. When you exercise, and you do something that you love, the eating seems to sort itself out. The trick, if finding something that you love to do so much that you just do it. Or find an event you have to train for…

    And 500gms is 500gms 🙂

  3. Yeah a loss is a loss. I agree about the exercise – settling into a running routine will be great for the marathon plans and the weight loss!

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