It’s Tuesday and I don’t have a job yet! I know I only started looking yesterday but it’s stressing me out. I’ve got a few days possible work and I’ve got to call my agency later today about another possibility, but nothing definite. I applied for the dole yesterday cos I figured every time I apply for the dole, I get a job so fingers crossed.

I’ve finished uploading my holiday pics to facebook. Have you ever noticed that the more fun you have on hols, the less photos you take? Like I’ve got zillions of photos of Kyoto, which I found pretty but kinda boring, and hardly any of Shibuya, which I loved but was so busy taking everything in that the thought of getting out the camera never crossed my mind.

A few years back, I did a group tour to SE Asia. A couple of people on the tour had really professional cameras with all the whizzbang lens. My little camera carked it halfway through the tour so I took minimal pics. We met up after the tour and I looked at some of these photos that looked like something you’d see in a travel brochure. To get those shots, those people had spent most of their holiday carting around equipment and taking shots. Without my camera, I’d spent my time actually experiencing things – talking to people, smelling, tasting, doing.

We spend so much of our lives documenting things – photos, blogs, food diaries. Sometimes I wonder if it’s all a bit counterproductive. More experiencing, less recording – that’s the way to go.

Meanwhile, I think I might go for a run. I’m still feeling sick but I’m like a dog, if I don’t have regular exercise I go a bit crazy and start chewing things!


5 responses to “Panic!

  1. I hear you about the job. In fact I didn’t think of applying for the dole. Might have to look into that! But I have been scouring and applying for some jobs. I am keeping positive and you should too 🙂 You are brilliant and something will find you.

    Have fun on the run

  2. I am sure you will find something soon, you alway’s do 🙂

    I am also trying to get my big fat butt out there today….. It’s not helping that I have hit the barbecue shapes 😳

  3. fingers crossed on the work.
    I take millions of photos, I chose a good point and shoot so I don’t spend all my time fussing around 🙂

  4. I agree with you about the photos! My bf doesn’t take photos of anything because he prefers to relive it all in his head, and not just the bits you have photos of. Then you don”t have to worry about batteries, memory cards, or keeping a valuable camera safe. Sometimes when you see groups of people out taking hundreds of photos the whole night, you wonder if they’re out to have fun, or to have photos to prove they were out having fun. That said, I keep my camera in my handbag in case something snap-worthy comes up, so I’m just as bad 😀

  5. I know what you mean about the job too. Working contract or temp, has its ups but also can be horror in between.

    I love your Japan photos, so want to go there now…adding it to my list!

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