I’ve done practically zilch exercise since I got home from overseas. I went for a walk with my sister last night and that’s been it (well other than de-pigstying the house). I thought about going to the gym today but realised I’m not lazy (well not JUST lazy), I’m actually feeling really blah and sniffly.

You know why I’m sniffly – because horrible, selfish people fly with nasty infectious diseases. Bastards. Anyway I figure a few more days break won’t kill me – I’ll take it easy but maybe if I go walking with my sister, I’ll throw in some running intervals along the way.

Speaking of running, I need a long term plan, what with doing this marathon in October next year. I’m still not convinced it’s going to happen. Esp with my overseas running buddy having plantar fasciosis. He says he’ll be fine, but then he also says he can barely walk at the moment without pain. I can’t see how you can go from a few months off running (one doctor told him it could be 6 months before he can run again) to doing enough training for a marathon – I’m freaking out about being fit enough and I can start training NOW.

Anyway, to get me motivated what works better than new workout gear? Nothing. Sure I have no job and no source of income atm but yesterday I got an email from Lululemon that they were having a warehouse sale. It ended at 4.00 pm Sunday – got the email at 2.00 so got in the car and raced over. I figured since the sale had been going for 4 days, there’d be bugger all left and it’d all be size tiny.

Got to the sale and there was still heaps of stuff. Yahs!

Before I went away, I bought a Lululemon running dress and really, really wanted a pair of their very cute pinstriped, crop gym pants. They were $109 and I’d be buggered if I’d pay that for gym pants even if I wasn’t going away. Then one day at the gym I saw a girl wearing them and they were so cute!


You can’t tell from my crappy photo but there are splits up the back of the legs so they kinda flair out.

Anyway, they had the pants in the sale for $40! Woohoo! I tried them on and then one of the sales assistants told me they had a deal where if you bought crop pants and a singlet, it was only $50. I never wear singlets on account of my flabby arms and flabby underarm fat, but for $10 who cares?


This singlet is cut high under the arms so the underarm fat is not so noticeable and it is reinforced around my underboob fat roll (I think the underarm fat and underboob fat roll are all part of the same problem area to be honest) so doesn’t look to bad. And, to be honest, once the Summer starts heating up, if I’m out running I think comfort is going to win over vanity!

To top it off I got this running bra:


I don’t think I’ll actually wear it running because I don’t find the Lululemon running bras supportive enough but it’ll be good for the gym (it’s actually darker green than it looks in the pic).

And this running skirt:


Total damage – $75! I am well happy with that. And my new pants are so cute, I’ve just been wearing them as casual pants.

9 responses to “Exercise?

  1. I need to get on their email list. That top is gorgeous and looks good enough to wear out. Great bargains.

  2. Once again, love Lululemon and anyone that can do a pinstripe, polka dot and pattern that looks cool is a big whoo-hoo from me. Great score hon 🙂

  3. Thx Kathryn. I think it’s time I learnt how to take constructive direction. And I loved all your Japanese photos. Have been following you around on FB.. Great Lululemon bargains. Mark buys their stuff all the time. It is good to be back 🙂

  4. you are totally the SHOPPING QUEEN

  5. Hey there! i have to skip training tonight – have a bit of a hacking cough which is heading toward the chest. Better give it a rest. Gonna make some nice chicken tagine which should hopefully clear things up.

  6. Hey, even if you’re not exercising you’ll look cool! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  7. Re marathon this is what I did. Built up my running for a HM in June (RunToTheG), using R4TK as a intermediate step. Then did the 30Km Prinny Park (think it’s July), then joined the MM Training group (Saturday morning) and worked up with them on the long run (up to about 35km over about 10 weeks). All the while keeping up about 3 running sessions a week throughout.

    That said though, I blew up at about 38km in the marathon and walked a fair bit with a bad knee, so maybe you shouldn’t listen to me!

  8. Gorgeous work out clothes. It is funny how much easier it can be to work out when you have cute outfits.

    Hope you feel better soon. Those post holiday blues can really knock you about.

  9. That skirt is just so cute. May have to go see what else they’ve got.

    Yay for work too! I’m sure something will show up soon, it always does for you.

    Any more thought on moving yet?

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