My task for today is to clean my room.  Even without stuff spilling out of suitcases everywhere, it’s a mess. 

Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom.  It was clean when I left but in two weeks, turned into a total pigsty.  Then I found out that my housemate, who’s a painter, comes home and cleans up with turps over the bath – and gets shit everywhere!  Like he can’t freaken wipe down the bath if he is going to do that.

I’ve been uploading holiday pics to facebook.  It’s been really frustrating because our internet is dodgy and keeps dropping out.  If you want a look and aren’t a member of facebook, I think you can still go to this link.  I might take some photos later of my shopping.  Isn’t it funny how when you go away and are lugging stuff around, you feel like you’ve bought half the country but when you get home you have a tiny pile of shopping.


One response to “Mess

  1. I am really enjoying your photos Kathryn.

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