Weight loss type stuff

I thought since this is a diet blog, I should actually post a weight loss type post!

I weighed myself this morning (well actually I weighed myself as soon as I got home but that was fully clothed and sleep deprived).  The result – 82.9 kgs.  I think that’s a whole 100 grams gain while on hols.

Before I went away, I struggled so much to lose weight.  Even with my best attempts and loads of exercise, I’d sabotage myself with overeating and end up gaining weight. 

Not once when I was away did I think about the calorie content of anything I ate.  I mean, so much tempting food and omg, the cakes!  And the chocolate – every time we went to the convenience store, we’d spend ages checking out the confectionery and the cosmetics.  We ate at heaps of little ramen places so loads of carbs and fat.  I had french toast for breakfast more than once.

Despite that and, apparent from one run, doing NO planned exercise, I maintained my weight.

I think there were two main factors that contributed to that: 

  • I only ate when I felt like it.  This pretty much confirms my belief that my main problem is boredom eating.  You don’t eat out of boredom when you’re on hols. 
  • Extreme incidential exercise – just getting around Tokyo involves so much walking and so many stairs!  I was actually tempted to use my nike plus thingie on my ipod to see how much we walked in a day because I reckon somedays it was 10 kms or more (having no senseof direction bumps that up quite a bit).

I really want to keep those habits going now I’m home.


I said yesterday that being home sucks and, to be honest, I’ve really been feeling down.  Last night I realised that the reason for that is that my life sucks!  Before I went away, I had this big, glittering goal of a holiday to work towards.  That meant I could put up with a lot of shit because I wanted to save money.  Now I’m home and there is nothing left but the shit. 

Sounds depressing, huh… but it just means a bit of digging to work out what needs to be changed and how to put it right.  It’s not going to be an easy process, kind of like a tangled mess of wool, but it can be fixed. 

A day or so before I came home, I was in the shower and had a major panic attack – thinking about how I’d get back to Australia with no job and no money.  I’d not heard from my agency at all (I’d told them to email me if any work came up).  Yesterday, I got a call with a job prospect so hopefully that side will be sorted.

I’d originally planned to go to Japan in the middle of next year — that’s when all the concerts, festivals etc are on, then travel to the UK to stay with my friends, Simon and Tim.  Simon and I want to run the Dublin Marathon last next year.

I still want to stick to that plan if I can – and that’s one of the things that makes changes in my living conditions hard.  There is no point committing to things if I plan to be away for an extensive period next year.  But I reckon I can do it.  Fingers crossed.

8 responses to “Weight loss type stuff

  1. well there’s no point AT ALL living for your holidays when the other 50 weeks of the year are crap. Time to get into an environment more suited to your fabulousness.
    I’ll be checking facebook daily (when I get home, can’t get it at work) for more fab photos – that one of you jogging is proceless!

  2. move to Canberra!!

  3. Hey, welcome back, I have loved reading your holiday tales, looks like you had an amazing time.

    I hope the post holiday come down is not too bad.

  4. What she said – pointing to LBTEPA.
    There’s so much joy out there to be had … of course, if you want to go looking for it in Japan do that too!

  5. I so understand the way you are feeling. We are already looking forward to our next holiday!

    Congrats on the weight – I put on a few kgs while I was away on hols – that boredom eating is something that I’m guilty of at night too.

  6. Hey, you could move to Canberra as Briony said!

    BTW, I met you at Phat Camp…..

  7. Come move out to the Eastern burbs. Very quiet and relaxing place, and loads of good trails to run (and loads of wonderful people out this way to run with 😀 )

  8. Dude I so relate to that post holiday blahs. And on the weight loss front, if only life could be as exciting as holidays all the time then we wouldn’t need food as a bloody distraction. BLAAAAAAAH!

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