Home basically sucks.  I wanna be back in Japan.  I’ll update with many stories and photos later.  God I hate people who hover over the baggage carousel at the airport so you can’t get your bags.  what’s with that?  Like someone will steal their luggage?  Esp since they are always the worst dressed there.  Spent 5 hours at the Gold Coast, never want to go there again.

At least my house is intact and the locks not changed – was worried since I didn’t pay rent before i left.  Bogan neighour is still next door and new bogans moved in, yah!  Next step is moving.  At least the landlord is mowing the lawn today after it being a jungle for months.

Good things – money left in the bank (although maybe that’s a sign I didn’t shop enough) and own bed to sleep in + space!  Also coffee.  Japanese coffee is crap and overpriced and you have to tell them you want it hot or they give you iced coffee.

But Japanese boys much cuter and better groomed.  I miss Japanese perving already.  Australians are really fat.  I never noticed before.  Sorry if that sounds awful but you really notice it after being in Japan.  And they wear clothes too tight – esp on the gold coast.


4 responses to “Home

  1. Ohhhh Man, I’ve just come back from Coolangatta. I could have met up with you. *pout*

  2. Japanese people are amazingly stylish. And the Japanese boys are way hotter, you wouldn’t catch them dead in the crap that’s sold to men down here!

    Japanese coffee is awful shite, so I drank hot chocolate instead. I remember going to a few cafes for hot chocolate, having to say “co-co-aa” and then getting asked if I wanted it “hotto”. Umm, how else would I want it? Ended up drinking Coke, water, beer or chuhai. Japanese wine is just as bad as the coffee.

    Can’t wait to see your photos and hear your stories!

  3. I am assuming that the comment about Japanese men being hotter obviously excludes all your running mates 🙂

    I know how you feel, we felt the same when we returned from Tassie and we hadn’t even been overseas!

  4. Coming home is always the worst part of going on holiday!

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