I came to an internet cafe to check my email.  I:m sitting in a booth that is better than my freaken house.  I have a recliner chair and a foot stool and free drinks.  I thought I was getting water out of the machine but it:s some fancy lemon drink.  There is a giant telly in here too.  Man, this is lush.

Anyways, yesterday night we went out.  We:d been feeling down and dowdy but figured we:d dress up and hit the Shibs (as we like to call Shibuya).  couldn:t find a freaken pub anywhere so we wandered around.  Finally found a soccer pub and had a couple of margaritas – an obligatory holiday drink.

As we were leaving, one of the serving staff ran over and asked where we were from then said we looked like something out of Sex and the City – the movie.  Big ego boost and we have been laughing ever since that she was so specific about it being the movie cos heaven help us if it was the telly show!

Went to another bar/food place and they wouldnt: serve us.  Was about to leave but my stubborn streak kicked in.  I asked the guy beside me and he said they were finished for the night.  I asked him where a shot bar was and he took us out and showed us a British pub – blah!  We said we wanted a Japanese bar so he was like chotto matte (wait a minute), ran back and skulled his beer, paid up and grabbed his friend and went off to find a bar! 

He took us to this all you can drink bar – no worries about binge drinking in Japan. It was awesome. All weird though. He had to organise it with a guy on the street who phoned ahead to say we were going there. Got in AND we had like a private, glassed in booth thing. We got sake and food and other stuff.  Was feeing a bit worried that we would get swindled or something but all was good.  Got to talk lots of bad drunken Japanese.  Then the guys had to rush to catch the last train.  They were so sweet and i was kinda in love.  I think the nice one wanted to see us again but didn:t ask… just a bit hesitant when leaving.  I shoulda said something… damn it.

Today we explored Aoyama and Shinjuku.  Got trolled by hosts.  Hosts have bad hair.  I wanted to take photos of bad hair but kinda scared – talking fast cos internet time running out – imagine Rod Steward in a hair dryer explosion accident and you might picture the hair!

Had awesome food.  Still haven:t had sushi train or shabu-shabu! 

bought Andrew a turd hat.  it is funny.  And new sunnies and soemthing else cool but I can:t remember what at funky toy shop.  Don;t wanna go home.  New room is awesome – totally dark until you open curtains.  Sleep is the best.  Plus scrummy french toast.  Oh yeah. 

What a boring way to spend Saturday night… but more adventures tomorrow.


One response to “Wowsers

  1. You’ve got to find Garageland. It’s a punk rock bar on the 3rd floor of some building in Shibuya … think it’s across the road from the Outback Steakhouse or some dodgy Aussie themed shit hole. Anyway, Garageland fits about 10 people inside it and it’s really popular with touring bands. Tonnes of bands have autographed its walls. I didn’t see anyone interesting in there but there were a couple Japanese punks. Beer’s exy but it’s way better than the Engrish pub (I bet I know which one it was!) and the Soccer bar …

    Have you hit Tokyu Hands yet? Best department store ever!!

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