Tears of Joy

Went to lunch at the restuarant that was closed the other day.  It was awesome beyond words in ways I can:t describe.  As we walked back to the station, two girls that had been queuing in front of us called out to me.  I:d dropped my wallet and they had picked it up. 

Earlier in the day, I:d been to the ATM and figured I should get some cash out, in case I couldn:t over the weekend.  Being very confused about the yen, I just got out a random amount.  Later, I counted it out and did a rough conversion – I had nearly $1000 in cash on me.  I:m so not used to carrying cash and can:t believe I still have that much money left this late in the holiday.

I nearly hugged those girls!

Now I:m thinking since I*m better off than expected, I want to buy something grand and memorable from my holiday.  We really haven:t been shopping much, mostly buying food and coffee, so I think a splurge is in order.  Just not sure what I want though. 

OMG, just checked my credit card account – still have $1000 in there after paying for the hotel today.  We didnt: have accomm booked anywhere for Monday so decided to stay at the same place.  They had no single rooms available so we got a double room EACH.  Awesome.

Anyway, got back to the hotel after lunch to check in.  Went up to our rooms – we:d left our luggage earlier in the day and they:d taken it up to our rooms.  No lugging stuff into a lift for us (I really don:t understand this – in Japan you have automatic sensors to flush your toilet, sensors for washing your hands but every freaken lift we get in, doesn:t have motion detectors in the door.  I reckon I*m covered in bruises from lift doors closing on me!)

Got to our rooms and I nearly burst into tears!!!!  It:s so nice.  So very, very, very nice.  It has a nice bed and a nice writing desk and everything is pretty and best of all – my sister isn:t in it.  I like my sister a lot but OMG I:m sick of sharing a room with her.


3 responses to “Tears of Joy

  1. You were very lucky with your wallet.
    So glad you’ve got a nice room!
    Did you get my email? I sent it to your hotmail account.

  2. I have four sisters. I hear you Kathryn!!! LOL

    Glad you got your wallet back. 🙂

  3. Woo hooo! Go shopping girl!

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