Sleep is good

When we booked into this hotel, they didn:t have any twin rooms available for last night, just doubles.  We figured that would be okay for one night.  We figured wrong, so wrong.  The double bed was little bigger than a single and just not good.  My sister ended up sleeping on the floor… I just let her have the bed so she can get some sleep.

Yesterday we went to Odaiba.  Its kinda artificial on account of being a man-made island but also on account of being a bit of a tourist trap.  They have the most amazing ferris wheel – which may be the world:s biggest except they also said that about the ferris wheel in Osaka.

Every day since we:ve been in Tokyo, we:ve planned to go to Ginza – and every day we get sick of sightseeing and put it off.  Yesterday, we were determined to go there just to get it off the bloody list.  We caught the monorail to Shimbashi station then intended catching the subway except a heap of firetrucks etc came racing into the station so we thought it was safer to walk.  Hella funny though watching all the businessmen get out their phones and take photos (I took photos too).

We tried walking but did I mention we have NO sense of direction?  Weirdly enough, even though we hadn:t been to Ginza, we:d been within a few blocks a couple of times.  I was thinking maybe they had a forcefield to keep the dirt poor out.  Then we found it!  You know when you are in Ginza.  It:s quiet!  So very quiet.  There is no music blaring at you from 15 different sources.  The very air feels cushioned in money.

We figured finding anything we wanted to see would be pushing it but then spotted the Sony building.  We had 12 minutes before it shut so took off running – I didn:t even want to see it that much, just thought running was funny.

After a wander around, we figured the Ginza would be too expensive for us dirt poor to eat in, but found a little sake bar/eatery.  Went in and got offered a menu all in sqiggly.  We both started reading it, just out of habit, then realised we would starve to death before understanding a word of it.  We look around at what everyone else was eating then asked the waiter.  Yah, another chance to practice my Japanese – I swear I never get it use it here.

Anyway, the food was totally awesomely delicious and not expensive either.  Around $60 for the two us including 3 huge beers.  OMG they love frothy beer here.

I am so happy, we move to the NICE hotel today.  We have single rooms.  OMG that is going to be heaven!

3 responses to “Sleep is good

  1. I hope your new hotel is totally awesome and full of shaggyness!! hehehe

  2. Ha ha, I am loving reading about your adventures! Sleeping on the floor must be awful, hope the next place is better!

  3. Sleep well tonight Kathryn! and Kathryn’s sister!

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