After a week in Japan, I*m feeling very tired.  Still not sleeping well – got 8 hours last night for a change so hopefully today will be better.  A big problem is that my legs are really sore – I:m okay during the day but get bad muscle aches at night.  I got a massage roller from the 100 yen shop the other day so that:s helping.

Also the thrill of getting given free tissues on the street is wearing off and we aren:t going crazy over every ad on tv and the trains.

I wanted to run around the Imperial Palace but the thought of catching the train there in my running gear was a bit terrifying.  The girls here are immaculate and wear so much makeup.  We have been spending more and more time grooming just to not look frumps.  But yesterday I bit the bullet, put on the gear and hit the peak hour train (I still think Tokyo peak hour is a myth, unless I:m catching the wrong trains).  It was strangely liberating, sitting on the train in skins and hoodie with no makeup.

Got to the Palace and tied a towel around my head, like the guys do here.  I thought I was getting some strange looks for that but later realised my running bra is getting a bit old and not so elastic! 

It was the most amazing run, view-wise anyway.  I stopped a few times to take photos.  It felt good to get out and actually push myself, although by the 1 km mark, I thought my lungs would collapse.  Not sure if it:s the pollution or a week of bad living (I:d say the latter though).

After that, came back to the room and showered then headed to a restuarant we wanted to try.  Got there, found it — it:s closed Wednesdays.  Our own stupid fault for not checking.  We are going back today after checking the web site last night.

Because we:ve been so buggered, we decided to come back to the hotel and nap, except we got to Shibuya and got off the train… I love Shibuya so much.  Just grabbing a window seat at one of the cafes and watching all the ppl keeps me entertained for hours. 

Then we went to Otome Road, the home of boy-love manga.  Had a look around the shops and a bit of a giggle then went to the Gyoza stadium.  I love gyoza more than just about anything but the gyoza stadium is a gyp.  You have to pay to get in, then the gyoza is $$$.  We got cheese gyoza – you:d think that would be delight but it was pretty ordinary and tasteless.

Anyway had an early night and am really to set out for more adventures. 

Oh and our night out on the town didn:t happen.  We had a few vodkas and some ramen then looked for a bar but they were mostly phillipino stripper bars with scary guys in suits outside.  The other bars had huge cover charges.  We tried going to the Pachinko parlour but they said they were about to shut. I don:t really believe that, I think they just didn:t want to explain Pachinko to us.  I will play Pachinko before I leave.


2 responses to “Japan

  1. I was thinking about you and running in Japan, and here is your blog, complete with a run in Japan. How cool are you?!?

    Well done Kathryn.

    Keep enjoying yourself.

  2. That is the problem with holidays, you need a holiday afterwards to recover and catch up on all the sleep you missed. I can never sleep well away from home either.

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