More Japan

Today hasn:t been that exciting – moved out of the backpackers and into the next place.  More like a budget hotel than a hostel.  We have our own bathroom and room to swing a cat.  We actually have all our stuff organised.  The other place, as soon as I sat something down, i lost it.

We:d planned to go to Ueno zoo but it was shut so wandered around Ueno then decided we wanted naps more than anything in the world.  In a way it seems wasteful to spend holiday time napping but now I:ve waken up, I feel a million bucks, good considering I was the snarky bitch from hell before. 

We even had an easy trip over on the trains, with elevators and everything – i never thought I:d be so excited to see an elevator in my life.  Tried to lighten the load before we packed… threw out unnecessary clothes and even gave a bottle of duty free Absolut to one of the girls working at the hostel.  She:d been a real honey to us.  She looked so happy when i gave it to her.

We:re in Ikebukuro now.  I love it already.  It:s a fun part of town.  Asakusa was interesting but not much nightlife and a bit of a pain on PT so we didn:t go out much, except for karaoke last night at a place nearby and drinking in the hostel bar.

I:m going out on the pull tonight… lolz.  _Actually, just found where the action is in town, went to do my laundry and the place is packed.  I had to wait 20 mins to get a machine.  I guess I should get back so I can put my stuff in dryers.  Ha, the fun never ends.

2 responses to “More Japan

  1. Sounds like you are having fun …. stay out of trouble !

  2. living vicariously.
    living vicariously.

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