Awake at the crack of dawn again.  Today we are moving out of the very small hostel in Asakasa and moving to the slightly bigger hostel in Ikebukuro.  I need to pack.

Yesterday there was a festival on in our ‘hood – the Jidai Matsuri.  We went along for a look.  It was awesome (I haven’t quite used that word enough since I’ve been in Japan).  My batteries in my camera ran out though so not many photos.  We had a Japanese grandmother take us under her wing and look out for us – brilliant.  The best bit of the whole parade was two guys as samuris sword fighting each other

After that, we went to Akiharbara (sp?) to look at geek stuff.  That got boring real fast. But we saw maid, from the maid cafes!  Woot!

Then we met a friend of my sister’s for karaoke.  Karoke is extreme.  So many song choices.

When she left, we came back to the hostel and watch tv.  OMG I love being able to watch Japanese tv live instead of downloading it from the internet.  We got to see our fave variety on telly.  All the staff here are amused at our extensive knowledge of Japanese television.


2 responses to “Japan

  1. I’m loving your Japan updates. Keep them coming Kathryn. It’s so good to hear that you’re having fun.

  2. yeppers…id be pretty happy if someone gave me a bottle of ABSOLUT. sounds like youre having a smashing time

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