I uploaded a heap of photos into my facebook account last night so if you are friends with me on there, you can see them. 

Yesterday we did stuff.  Ha ha.  We went to Harajuku which was lots of fun and did some shopping and saw all the girls (and boys) dressed up.  Lots of fun.  Then we went to Yoyogi Park.  All the parents were taking their children to be blessed at the temple (I think as part of some festival???).  There were lots of very cute children in kimono.  I nearly exploded from the cuteness. 

While we were there, we got an okonimiyaki.  It cost like $20 or something ridiculous.  I really have to learn not to just buy things without asking the price first.

Wandering through the park, we stumbled on a fair/market.  Not sure what it was about – they had signs everywhere saying JA which we think meant Japan Agriculture.  It was loads of fun because everyone kept giving us free food samples – yah!

If you ever go to something like that, don’t act even one little bit interested in forest regeneration.  We had a guy rant at us for ages in Japanese about it.  Unfortunately, I never learn the phrase “STFU, you are boring me to tears” in Japanese class.  I did manage to follow a bit of what he was saying though – not sure if that from knowing Japanese or knowing much about forest regeneration on account of growing up in a timber industry area.

All the people at the other stalls loved us and we loved their delicious cakes.  Yum.  We bought something – I dunno what it is called but you put it in onigiri or sushi.  I actually managed to ask the woman how you use it/what you eat it with in Japanese.  Yah, go me!  She was also very amused at our extreme reaction to food.  Hey, who knew that homemade wasabi even existed!  At least it isn’t as hot as the tube stuff.

We then headed to Shibuya.  Shibuya is insane.  We wanted to check with the hotel we are staying at later in the week cos I sent an email to change our reservation but got no reply.  We couldn’t find the hotel though!  Yikes!  I think that was because I’d left the map at home.  We sent into the 109 building.  It’s undescribably crazy!  I managed to look around 3 floors before exploding (from the frenzy of noise and colour and crowds) – pretty damn good I reckon cos I can’t even manage a shopping trip to Knifepoint for longer than an hour without getting a migraine.

On the street, they had a stage set up with the Miss Keio contest so we went to join the crowd.  They were throwing out bags filled with cosmetics so we were jumping up and yelling “kick it to me” – I knew that phrase would come in handy in Japanese!!!  We didn’t get one, i think on account of being behind a pole cos we could have totally taken those Japanese girls on otherwise.

After that, they had the Mr Keio guys up on stage 😀

We seem to spending a lot of time sitting around drinking coffee but it’s awesome.  You can smoke.  Inside.  Like in the cafe.  Even in Maccas.  It’s the greatest thing to ever great.  Even on the bullet train. 

We had planned to come back to the hostel and change then go look at Tokyo Tower last night but we were so tired we just went down the street to get curry rice – we are staying in Asakusa btw.  There was some big emergency thing happening with police and firetrucks and a hazard-mat truck.  We wanted to play pachinko but I think we are in the only neighourhood in Japan that doesn’t have a pachino parlour!

I am loving this country.  It’s so awesome.  Not loving our accommodation though.  It’s a tiny, tiny room.  Like I can’t open my suitcase, it’s so small.  I have to make my bed then put my case on it which is really, really annoying cos we have bunk beds.  The whole place is very squeezy and you feel like everyone’s on top of each other all the time.  I think that would be okay if people allowed for that in their behaviour but instead of trying to take up less space, they seem to take up more.  Some people just seem to have this sense of entitlement!


5 responses to “Japan

  1. Just read all your trip post’s to date. Did you manage to find & kill the canadian/american girl with the dodgy directions???

    Sounds like you have having a blast!!! The kimono kids are just too cute :0)

  2. God you’re doing heaps of stuff. Are you sleeping better? I love the Kimono kids too. Can you bring me matching book end ones? hehe

  3. those photos are just great 🙂 you both look a bit stunned – but that’s Japan for you!

  4. Loving reading your thoughts on Japan, and seeing the photos on Facebook! It looks amazing, and cute overload with the kimono kiddies! Can’t wait to hear more.

  5. Sounds like an awesme trip, I am loving hearing about it and it makes me want to go back. I’ll have to find you on facebook so I can see your pictures.

    I hope the rest of your trip is a blast.

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