Japan: Fat

Again, I’m awake at the crack of dawn.  Damn it, I really wanted to sleep in.  I might go back to bed in a minute.

I have been so fat since I got to Japan!  Seriously, not in a “OMG the girls here are so tiny, I feel like a total heifer in comparison” way but in a magically gaining 5 kgs on the flight over kinda way. 

Before I packed, I tried on all my clothes and they fitted well (or I didn’t pack them).  I got to Japan and half of them don’t fit or fit so tightly they are unwearable.

I’m thinking this is due to:

  • starting the pill so I don’t get my period while I’m here.
  • water bloating from dehydration.  I keep intending to drink more water but bottled water so expensive.  Still must make a huge effort to keep up water drinkage.
  • Being a total sugar monster the first 2 days after I arrived.  I dunno what was going on but I couldn’t get enough sugar.  Again, maybe the pill and/or being overtired.  Oh yeah and maybe because they have this chocolate called Crunky here.  It’s so good, I want to bring home a box of it.

To make it even worse, all the weight I’ve put on is between my boobs and waist so when I’m sitting I have a huge muffin top roll.  Not at all attractive.

I packed my running gear but I’ve done NO running since I got here.  Since we’ve been walking for hours every day, I don’t have the legs left for running… esp walking with heavy bags!  The train stations have a zillion steps.  It’s crazy, you walk up a flight of stairs, go about 10 steps along then down again.  The stairs are just there for no reason!  We think it’s the reason why, despite all the yummy cakes and other food, Japanese girls are so tiny.

Yesterday we went to a smaller town outside Tokyo.  One of my fave tv dramas was set there – Kizarazu Cat’s Eye (it is the most awesome drama ever) so we wanted to see the town. I don’t think they get many tourists there – a guy came up to us on the street and asked if he could take our photo!  Not sure what was going on there.

Apart from one American guy pimping the local English language school on the street, most people we met spoke little English.  We went looking around the town for various things that were in the tv series esp raccoon dogs — the town has statues of raccoon dogs everywhere.  There are awesome and doing various jovial poses.  Look out for a poster of awesome raccoon dog photos in the near future. 

When we were about to leave, I saw a street with some more awesome raccoon dog statues so we popped down for a look.  It was the street where the show had been filmed.  We walked passed one shop with a poster in the window so popped our head in for a look.  I think it was a liquour shop but could have been the owner’s personal booze supply.  Anyway, hidden in amongst the shelves of booze and other random junk, he had all memorabilia and photos from the show.  I think at first he looked at us like “WTF… are you lost?” but after about 30 seconds of us squeeing like little bitches, he warmed to us.  We bought tee-shirts off him and he gave us all the extras like phone charms etc. 

It’s hard to explain unless you have seen the series, but there is a statue in it that plays a pivotal role.  He had the freaken statue in the shop!  We took photos of it.  Yah!  It was totally magical.  And we did all this in Japanese 😀

After that, we went to a coffee shop.  They charged us around $20 for two coffees.  I kid you not.  We are not ordering coffees without asking the price any more.

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to mention the thing that freaks me out most about Japan.  The trains, they run ON TIME.  They have a timetime, it’s not fiction.  Trains.  On time.  That blows my mind. 

When we caught the bullet train, we got halfway to Tokyo then realised we’d arrive in mid-peak hour.  The thought of having to navigate across multiple train systems in peak hour with our bags kinda freaked us out, cos you know it’s Tokyo, in peak hour.

Now I dunno if peak hour is at a different time or we were just insanely lucky because it wasn’t so bad.  It was crowded, but we could get onto trains with two bags each without any hassle.  You couldn’t do that on the Hurstbridge line during peak hour… even if you did manage to get an uncancelled, on time train.

We got the breakfast set from the cafe next door yesterday.  It includes creme caramel.  For breakfast.  That seemed kinda wrong but when you think about it, it’s eggs and stuff.  And no worse than having pancakes or something that’s covered in maple syrup.  I’m going back today 😀

3 responses to “Japan: Fat

  1. Worry about the weight and the running when you get home, just enjoy the holiday!

  2. I’m enjoying reading your posts Kathryn. You have a favourite Japanese show? Really? And how great to see the actual statue!

  3. Sounds like you’re having a great time – that’s awesome! Enjoy and make the most of it (and the creme caramels for brekkie)

    A tip re bottled water is to buy a massive bottle (like 5L or more) and stash it in your room, filling up smaller bottles as you need them each day. That’s assuming you’re staying put in the one room for a few nights in a row of course!!

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