Need Sleep

I’ve not been able to sleep since I got to Japan… I think I’ve been getting about 4-5 hours sleep tops every night.  Not good.

Random, incoherent thoughts:

I tell you, under important things you should know about Japan, you think someone would mention that some of the big, major train stations are only accessible by stairs.  That’s important when you have a big, heavy suitcase that you can only carry because it has wheels!  I have totally overpacked and think I’ll be ditching a heap of stuff.

Yesterday we stood at the top of the very stairs and looked at our bags, then sat down and had a break, then looked again and asked people if there was an elevator or a lift.

Finally I started heading down with my bag… thump, thump, thump… on the steps when a guy stopped to help us.  He went ‘chotto matte’ then took off – we thought he’d gone for good but no, he came back and told us there was no elevator then carried our bags for us.

Yes, that’s right.  He carried our bags!  I’ve heard about these knight in shining armour type guys but I never really thought they existed!  And yes, he was cute too.

The bullet train is totally, totally awesome.  I love the bullet train.

Had planned a quiet night the night before last.  decided to drink some duty free vodka so we didnt have to carry it.  Sat up to 4 am drinking… bad, bad move.  Maximum hangover yesterday.  Too sick to go to Ramen Museum or Osaka castle.  damn demon drink.

Everything in Japan takes so much longer than you expect.  I think it’s because you get detoured by cute things.  Everything is so cute.  So very cute.  Even if it doesn’t need to be cute, it still is.  The children are majorly cute esp when they are wearing their yellow school hats.

I remember now why I hate staying at hostels — it’s because I hate people.  Especially people who don’t use inside voices.  At 4 am.  I will find them.  I will kill them.

There is a Canadian or maybe US girl who works here.  She gave us very dodgy directions yesterday.  We ended up walking very very far.  Even people who speak no English give better directions.  I want to kill her too.


One response to “Need Sleep

  1. *laughing*… DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE KILL ANYONE! We want to see you again one day eh? LOL….. still laughing.

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