Meltdown Averted… kinda, sorta

After a day of juggling and net searching, I’ve kinda reorganised a lot of our accommodation for Japan.  We’d planned on staying at a very, very hotel in swisho Aoyama in Tokyo for 7 days but that was at the very top end of our budget with a good exchange rate. 

Now we are spending 10 days in Tokyo but only 3 nights in Aoyama, the rest spread over 2 other areas in backpackers but with twin share rooms not dorms and one of those even has a private bathroom!

All up instead of spending Y125,000 on 7 nights accomm, we’re spending Y129,000 for the whole trip (except one night we haven’t booked yet).  ‘

I’m actually liking the new arrangement better – as well as having cash for things like food and shopping, we are getting to see more of the city.

That bloody exchange rate had better not drop any more though!

Oh and I had another meltdown — packed everything then realised I’d lost one of my new bras.  Flung everything out of the suitcase looking for it then my sister came in and told me she’d found it!  I think i’d left it with some gym cos it was in a plastic bag in her room?????

Anyway, I repacked and did a much better job the second time around.  That thing about rolling your clothes – it really works!


4 responses to “Meltdown Averted… kinda, sorta

  1. Can you fit your seven pairs of shoes in now? LOL

  2. Staying in the different accomodation will probably be good from the point of view it will be mixing with different people as well. I hope you have a brilliant time!

  3. Bon Voyage

    Have a fantastic trip.

    Backpackers are great, I always stay in backpackers when I travel, you’ll love it.

  4. I think you need a holiday already! 🙂

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