1 day until I go to Japan… OMG!

Weigh in this morning – 82.8 kgs.  Yahs, finally got over that 83 kg hump, although I fully expected a gain this week since I did a lot of nervous, sugary eating over the weekend.  Maybe I did a lot of nervous fidgetting to counteract it.

That brings me to a total of 5 kgs lost since I started Operation Japan back in May or whenever it was.  Back then I thought I’d lose 20 kgs but I’m not disappointed.  Better to have a small, gradual loss and a life than go hardcore.

I’m feeling relatively calm today.  The bags are mostly packed and everything ready – although my next post will prolly be all ‘arrrggghhhh…. I’m in Japan and forgot my [insert name of v imp thing]’ but I have my passport and cash etc.  The trouble with holidaying in Asia, rather than the US or Europe etc is that it isn’t so easy to run out and replace things you forget, everything is so miniature. 

ess than 24 hours until I leave, our flight is at stupid o’clock in the morning, so check you later… I’ll be back before you know it with loads of holiday snaps.


6 responses to “1 day until I go to Japan… OMG!

  1. aaaaaaaaaarrrgh so excited for you! have a rockin good time!

  2. omgomgomgomgomgomgomg onedayonedayonedayoneday


  4. Have a great time Kathryn 🙂

  5. Have an awesome trip!!

  6. Safe travels mate, enjoy every minute! Take masses of photos, I’m going to really enjoy seeing them.

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