3 days to go…

I went to the Women’s Health “Are You Game?” event at Princes Park today with the lovely SassyCill and even managed to go on the mechanical bull – for a millisecond!  Man, that thing is hard to ride.  You have to spread your legs so wide, something my legs don’t do much to the amusement of everyone who knows me.  Seriously.  STOP LAUGHING!   It’s something to do with my wacky lack of flexibility.

Other than that, got heaps of freebies, a manicure and even a health check (I’m A-OK, good thing cos I am way, way overdue for my diabetes blood tests).  I even did a short aerobics workout with some chick who apparently is famous for being on the Biggest Loser.  I didn’t go on the trapeze on account of being terrified of heights.

Anyway, I thought I’d update the world about my pyscho neighbour.  The other day I was talking to my friend who lives in the downstairs flat from pyscho neighbour.  Seems the pyscho moved out – yah!  But don’t cheer too soon.  She has moved back into another flat.  Her old flat was the top left hand corner of the building… she’s moved into the top right hand flat.  She did this even though she was evicted by getting her bf to apply for it.  Oh wait, he’s NOT her bf.  He’s her friend who is also the father of her baby but not her boyfriend (can anyone smell Centrelink fraud?) 

My friend said the real estate agent told them to move out when they realised but psycho neighbour has said she’s not moving until they get an eviction notice.  I don’t know how these people even get a rental application approved when it’s near to impossbile to rent anywhere in Melbourne at the moment without promising sexual favours, wads of cash and your first born child. 

Anyway my poor friend said she was in tears when she found out the pyscho moved back in — she’s also had her tyres slashed (removing any doubt over who slashed mine), plus things thrown at her, dirty kitty litter dumped on her door step etc.  Still the police can’t do anything… WTF.

Here’s hoping the real estate do manage to get the eviction order.  At least the good bit is that she’s now on the opposite of the building to our house so the noise isn’t so loud here.  I am so not looking forward to getting the $1000 payment from the government later this year though — every time she gets some money it seems to be spent on booze and parties, making her even more pyscho.

4 responses to “3 days to go…

  1. Sounds like the day was a lot of fun Kathryn. Hey, not long until you’re in Japan … have a wonderful time!

  2. Good God! Even out in the sticks, it’s next to impossible to snatch a rental property from under the noses of the 17,000 other applicants, unless you pay above-market rates, have a billion dollars in the bank (in which case, why would you WANT to rent some scummy place?) and sell your first-born into slavery. Those flats must be really, really crap.

  3. Hope the final preparations for your holiday are falling into place- I am super super jealous and hope that it is all smooth sailing! (if you need help waging your own war on terror against the psycho neighbour you know I would love to help!)

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