4 Freaken Days Until I Go To Japan!

I went into the city today to do some errands.  I now have an international driver’s licence — I can drive anywhere in the world!  I’ve never bothered with that kind of stuff before but, in Japan, they have car rentals through the train network so you can get a train out of the city – to like a smaller town/regional centre – and then rent a car for half a day.  Not sure if we’ll bother but it’s good to have the option.

I’d fully intended to hit the gym today for a killer workout but kept procrastinating, looking in another shop, doing this and that… I really didn’t want to go!  The problem with having been a lazy slackarse most of my life is that when I have this voice saying I don’t want to go to the gym, I always try to fight it.  Sometimes though, if I stop and listen, the voice is talking sense.  I’ve been sniffly for about a week and had no energy.  I don’t think a rest day will kill me!

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do when I get home from hols.  Well apart from trying to find a job and survive (arrrgggghhhh… at least I’m not putting the holiday on plastic and running up a huge debt, which is something I can never understand).

On the exercise front, I’ve been thinking about doing some serious weight training.  I want to put on muscle.  To be honest, weight training has long been the ugly stepchild of my exercise program — I’ll devote time to it after I’ve done the fun stuff like cardio etc.  But lately I’ve been really loving my kettlebell class – okay, it’s been a love/hate relationship esp a few days after when I can barely walk – plus a few years ago, when I actually did weight train, I loved the look esp having a muscular back. 

Since I’m planning for a marathon in October, I figure summer is the best time to build muscle before I get into long endurance runs.  Fun, fun plans 😀

I’m happy today – got most of my errands done including picking up my drycleaning!  And mailing my intinerary/details to my Mum (she’s been nagging me to do this for ages).  All that’s left now is to clean out the fridge – blerk.  And get a leg wax.  I’ve not been waxed since last summer and was thinking about going somewhere cheap but am now thinking I’ll go to my normal place cos at least they will handle it when I start screaming like a lil bitch!


2 responses to “4 Freaken Days Until I Go To Japan!

  1. Sorry I haven’t been commenting…..have just caught up now.

    How exciting – only 4 days to go.

    Hope all goes to plan. I’m also one of those people who is totally stressed until I either hit the highway or hit the tarmac!!

  2. Hey gorgeous!

    Wow only 4 days. You must be so excited! Either that or life is feeling very normal which is making you feel a bit nervous.

    I hope you have the most amazing trip. I do hope you have a camera you are taking with you because I want to see heaps and heaps and heaps of shots.

    Travel safe!


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