6 Days to Japan

I’ve been so caught up in my Japan preparations, I keep forgetting to mention this – this weekend I’m heading down to Princes Park for the “Are You Game” Activities Day.  If anyone is interested in meeting up and coming along with me, just leave a comment or drop me an email.

They have a MECHANICAL BULL!  All my life I’ve had a dream, and that dream is ride on a mechanical bull.  Oh yeah, it’s going to be awesome.  And, yeah, there will be other health and fitness activities etc.  Mechanical bull…

On a different note, I’ve been around the weight loss internet scene now for quite a while and there are a few weight loss myths that really bug me.  You know the kind of thing people say that make you think WTF. 

The first one of these is the “starvation zone” – I don’t doubt that going on some extreme anorexia-inducing starvation diet is not the best thing for your body, but seriously, I really doubt that if you miss one meal your body is going to freak out. 

There seems to be a school of thought that is like “OMG, I’ve been 3 hours and 5 minutes without eating.  My body is going into the STARVATION ZONE!  I’ll never lose weight now.”

Yeah, I don’t think it’s that urgent.  If you eat a good, healthy, balanced diet then having a day when you are too sick or busy to eat isn’t going to kill you (or make you pork up).  Have you seen pictures of people in situation where they CAN’T eat?  They aren’t exactly obese.

The biggest danger isn’t the starvation zone, it’s the overcompensating, getting into the mindset of “I missed lunch, I can eat this tiramisu… and this donut…. and this ….”

The other “myth” that bugs me is the whole “muscle weighs more than fat” thing.  Again, I don’t doubt it’s true.  People wiser than myself claim it’s so.  What gets me is that every time someone is dieting and they have a slight gain, someone trots out that theory.

I’m going out on a limb here and saying that unless you are doing serious weight training, it’s prolly NOT true.  If you picked up a couple of tiny pink weights to pump out a few bicep curls maybe, just maybe, the weight gain is due to something else.

This is the Kathryn list of reasons you might have gained weight (you meaning me of course) in order of likelihood:

  1. Did you forget that tiramisu you ate the other day (because one tiny treat won’t hurt) and those few biscuits? Oh yeah and the chips you ate off someone else’s plate because they don’t have calories that way?  Did you really, truly, honestly eat as low calorie as you thought?
  2. Did you exercise as hard and as long as you thought?  An hour in the gym DOESN’T burn calories unless you are actually doing something!
  3. Toilet issues!

Gaining muscle doesn’t even make my list because I don’t work that hard.


9 responses to “6 Days to Japan

    Muscle weighs the same as fat – 1 gram of muscle = 1 gram of fat! Fat is less dense so takes up more room, which is why you can look leaner but weigh the same as the proportions of muscle/fat change. Never heard of that starvation zone thing (maybe bc I’ve never been 3hrs without eating? LOL)

  2. ha – there’s no hope my body is going into Starvation Mode. ‘Are u game’ looks like good fun.

  3. I’m with LBTEPA on the muslce/fat thing. So many people just don’t understand basic physics.

    In case I don’t make it back here in the next few days – have an absolutely AWESOME trip.

    And thanks for the inspiration for my latest post.

  4. I completely agree with you! I love it when someone tells me I haven’t lost weight because I haven’t eaten enough-morons, my metabolism is still running on the fish and chips I was too scared to put into calorieking.com. BTW- I am eating chocolate pudding right now- but the reason I will not lose weight this week is because I did a couple of sit ups the other day.

  5. I will be at Are You Game – I live right near princes park. Would love to meet up! Shall we swap phone numbers?(maybe via pm on the forum or my email is cillajean79@yahoo.com.au

  6. Assuming that the Are You Game thing is terribly sexist and women only? But then again, all these fit looking women hanging around Prinny Park might be a good reason to come down anyway!

    Agree with you on both Weight Loss counts!

  7. Wow – six days!!! That is awesome. When you started the countdown it seemed so far away and now it is just rocketing along.

    LOL at the rant … there’s a fitness forum at work and it has me in stitches at times. Today’s gems were all about the lemon detox diet. Yesterday there was a sharing of opinions about the causes of asthma.

    Enjoy the mechanical bull. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  8. You own the bull Kathryn, you know it!

  9. Alright a mechanical bull! Yee-haa!

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