8 days to Japan!

OMG the countdown is in single figures now.  I went to do some errands today and the woman at that bank asked when I was going away and I said next week then nearly did an air thump 😀

Speaking of air thumps – I know that kind of thing and shouting expletives is not uncommon in the gym but surely I’m the only one doing when the exchange rate comes on the Sky channel.  Must remember not to drop the f-bomb too loud when wearing ipod.

Still got lots of things to do before I go.  Like get beautiful and learn Japanese and check the exchange rate every five minutes.  Since I’m not working, I figure I might as well do some extra gym work.  I remembered today my gym has a pool (you think being called the City BATHS would be giveaway!!!!) so might take advantage of that as a way to increase my exercise without killing myself, oh yeah and some time in the spa could be nice too 😀


One response to “8 days to Japan!

  1. You are already beautiful my friend!

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