1 week to Japan! Yahs!

Weighed in this morning at 83.4 kgs – that’s a 1.6 kg loss!  Oh yeah, I knew I was as bloated as a puffer fish last week.  I WILL be under 83 next week.  I’m not getting charged excess baggage for my fat rolls when I get on the plane 🙂

Even better, my clothes are feeling much looser. 

I tried on some “shapewear” yesterday – what was knowing in my day as girdles!  The best option on me was a slip type thing from Target, the knickers always seem to roll down and just give me an extra roll around the waist (and I *really* need that!).  Only trouble is that it only goes up to a D cup — major case of the dumplings boiling over as my auntie used to say.


4 responses to “1 week to Japan! Yahs!

  1. Holy crap, hasn’t that come around fast. Woo hoo!!

  2. Wow, 1 week to go – good job you’re packed already!

    Well done on the weight loss!

  3. too exciting!
    I’m going to try one of those slips
    That dumpling comment is now part of my lexicon, it’s priceless

  4. At least you have dumplings.

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