10 days to Japan!!!!

I was bored the other night. I’d been working from home and got everything done – work finished, workout completed in the afternoon plus my sis wasn’t due home from her job until late. So what did I do? I packed my bag for Japan! Yeah, I’m that crazy.

Well actually I wanted to make sure everything fit in my suitcase. I’ve got a suitcase with wheels and a smaller bag. I hoping I could fit the smaller bag in suitcase so I had it to bring stuff home but I don’t think I can.

Shoes are the biggest bitch when packing, aren’t they? The absolute minimum I need to take are a pair or two of stylish yet comfortable walking shoes/boots, some shoes for going out at night and my running shoes. I absolutely hate wearing runners as casual wear. My plan is to take my Saucony running shoes that are getting pretty old (I wore then to run the half marathon last year!) and then I can ditch them if I need luggage space.

I also have something like 6 tee-shirts plus 4 long sleeved tees. I think that might be a bit too much.

But anyway, I saved some cash today. First I went to the hairdressers to see how much a colour would be since my red has faded and the grey roots are showing through. Instead of paying $70 at the hairdresser, I got a home colour for $15. I hate doing my own hair but it’s worth the saving.

Secondly, I really need some summery shoes and hate those ugly Roman sandals out in the shops at the moment. My old faves were falling to bits – they have a strap that goes under the sole but it’s worn though so the sole is broken and jagged – but other than that are in good knick (and so comfy) so I took them into the shoe repair place.

I’ve got about half a day’s work next week – was meant to do it today but had nothing to do so came home early instead. At least I’ll have money going into the bank while I’m gone.

I think I’m all organised. I’ve got to take my coat to the drycleaners next week and get my JR Pass and sort out cash (been waiting for the exchange rate to get better but it’s not happening). I’ve got my list of things to do before I go on my fridge: it’s been there for about 14 weeks.

It says:

  • Lose weight
  • Save money
  • Learn Japanese

Stupid me, I forgot to put “prevent major financial crisis from making the $AUD worthless” on it.  Oh well, if I can’t manage #1 then that’s a bit beyond my capablities.  I’ve got 10 days to get into shape.  Any hints or suggestions?

7 responses to “10 days to Japan!!!!

  1. Worry about it when you get back!

  2. Just catching up on blogs – I can’t believe you’re packed already!

    Don’t sweat the bad time at MM 10K – there was no way anyone could get a decent time in that race I reckon, the crowds and the disaster-area drink stations were enough to deny you a good time, then add the hot weather …. blah!

  3. Won’t it be too cold for strappy sandals in Japan???

  4. Hey, you’ve shortened your links and I’m still on there!! I’m stoked, and more than a little flattered.

    As for the shoes, how long did you say you were going??? I went to Europe last year with 1 pair of runners, 1 pair day shoes & 1 pair of dressy nighttime shoes and I managed for 1 month. Remember you can always buy some more when you get there. As you have discovered shoes take up lots of suitcase space.

    I also took a couple of clear document wallets, the ones with the zippy thing at the top. I had one for undies/bras, one for make-up and one for toiletries(spel). They were brilliant, better than proper makeup bags that end up being too bulky and having undies getting lost amongst your clothes.

    As for the exchange rate, I think you should have shot a few people on Wall street a few weeks ago but it appears you’ve left your run too late. If it gets any worse I’ll do it for you OK (lol).

  5. You are going to have THE BEST TIME! So excited for you 🙂

  6. Ohhhh, so exciting that you’re up to packing stage! It’s good to be organised 😀 And well done on the saving $$$, go you!

  7. You’re into single figures now!!

    Good idea with the sneakers too. I find that I only end up wearing about half the stuff I pack, but I over pack every time anyway, you just never know what you might need.

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