I popped into Myer in the city to get a new (desperately needed) bra. I like bra shopping at Myer because they have the fitting ladies. Not only do I never know what to buy, but I hate having to redress, go find another another size.

Apparently I’m an E cup! Yikes. That just seems extreme.

It’s an awesome bra though. Ugly as hell but it makes my boobs look good and that’s the main purpose. Also they had a two-pack on special so I got a second one for next to nothing. Yah! It’s a hideous colour. The ladies kept calling it “pretty” but you can’t fool me – it’s bright apricot and that aint pretty.

After the bra shopping, I went to the gym. I love going to the gym during the day because I can use the boxing room all on my own. Today I learnt a valuable lesson – don’t box without gloves or wraps. Oh yeah, my knuckles are a mess.

Then I had lunch with Tim and Simon. They were supposed to have moved to the UK way before now but, because of a whole series of visa dramas are still here. The dramas are finally sorted and they’re off tomorrow. It was very low key, and after lunch Simon said – well see you in Dublin (we are planning to run the Dublin Marathon together) and that was it. I was okay but then it hit me on the tram on the way home that they are actually leaving for real this time and that made me a little sad.


4 responses to “E-gads!

  1. Diamonds are not a girls friend, sturdy undergarments are!

    You must be getting pretty excited about your trip now πŸ™‚

  2. Saying goodbye to good friends really sucks.

    But great bras don’t!

  3. Oooh that takes me back to my reinforced steel size FF apricot maternity bras (shudder)
    Just as long as your girls look awesome, that’s the main thing πŸ™‚

  4. E cups! You sure do need a good brassiere!

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