13 days to Japan!

Yahs! Everything is looking good so far today. My weight is down a whole kg to 83.9 (I just accidentally typed 39.9 — lolz that would be a worry) and I think I’m getting my period finally. All that yelling at my uterus must have worked. Well I hope it’s my period cos if I’m going through all this gut pain for nothing, I’m writing God a complaint letter.

Better than the weight loss, I tried on some of the holiday clothes in my ‘maybe’ pile and they fit much better.

I’m have moments of temptation atm to start some hideous fad diet — that thought that if I just add lettuce soup for the next 13 days, I could possibly get under 80 kgs — but I’m fighting it. I mean, the minute I get to Osaka with it’s culinary wonders (takoyaki, okonimiyaki… all the yakis), I’ll just gain it back anyway. People keep telling me Japanese food is soooo healthy but I know better. I mean, deep fried, battered octopus balls – they aren’t exactly a healthy food now.

Anyway I thought I’d post one of the fave pics I’ve taken so far with my new camera. I took a heap of pics the other night walking home in the rain and this one is of my sister when I told her to go press the light for the pedestrian crossing while I waited in the tram shelter…lolz.

2 responses to “13 days to Japan!

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! That picture does my soul the world of good. Mmmm rain!

    You know what? The only okonomiyaki I can get here in L.A. are the ones we make ourselves. Ripped off! We had one just about every meal time we spent near a food court while home in December. With Christmas shopping involving ten different people, you can imagine how often that was! LOL

  2. E cup? Bah – that’s nothing mate – hahaha

    I can’t believe how close you are to going away now, goodness, the time has flown!

    Hey I have 5 days left of being 41 and i’m going to drink alcohol every day between now and then – don’t want anyone thinking i’m old and past it !!!! hahaha

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