15 days to Japan!

Still bloated! Still no period! I dunno what my body is doing but I’m blaming stress over the collapse of the world financial markets for all this wackiness. I actually got a script for the pill so I could skip my period while I’m away but I can’t start taking it until I get my period! The rate I’m going, I’ll be in Japan before then. It’s times like this I thank my stars I’m not sexually active cos I really don’t need anything else to be panicking about!

I just went to the health food shop to get something to help with fluid retention.

This is one of the dresses I tried on this weekend. See the photo – it’s maybe a little tight but I’m wearing it. That was about 2 weeks ago. Now it won’t even go on me! I feel like Violet Beaureguard in Willie Wonkie except that I’m not bright purple.

On LOLeriffic holiday news – got an email from Jetst*r today with changes to my flight schedule. This is the third time since I booked. Who’d wanna fly with boring old airlines where they take all the mystery out of it? It does mean a 2-3 hours stopover on the Gold Coast now. Pity it’s not enough time to go to Dreamworld.


4 responses to “15 days to Japan!

  1. Ah Jetst*r – you gotta love ’em, they sure do keep you on your toes! Can’t believe how close it is to you going. You must be getting excited!
    Willie Wonka – haha – Veruca Salt is my hero!! hahaha

  2. Good old shitstar. The two times I have flown with them I have been delayed. I have just been in to the Gold coast airport coming back from Gwinganna and all I can say is bring a good book.
    You look pretty in your dress šŸ™‚

  3. Hey hey!

    Loving your outfit. V. sassy. Bloating is a bitch and hormones are all bastards. I got the hunger today and only when I checked my diary did I realise it’s cause my stupid period is due. Again! It’s just been here!

  4. I take Frusemide for fluid retention, it works real well! YOu look bloody amazing Katharyn! The smile is so lovley to see!

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