Post race

Arggghhh I’m so disappointed in my running time today – around 70 minutes for the 10km. That’s really lousy. I just wasn’t into it. Apart from feeling the effects of the heat and not hydrating enough beforehand (stupid esp after I’d just been bitching about being so bloated yesterday), I did a kettlebell class yesterday.

I thought I’d be okay, I thought it’d be mostly upper body. I was so wrong. Even though the class only went for 45 minutes including warm up and core and cool down, we did LOTS of lunges and LOTS of squats.

It’s not a good sign when you’re audibly whelping just sitting down on the train – on the way TO the race!

That’s when I finally got the train. My station was closed. Even though I have used that station all week, I didn’t know it would be closed today. Nice work with the signage, Connex. There was a replacement bus but another runner and I decided to walk the 10 mins to the next station rather than take our chances with the dodgy bus system.

Got to the run and checked my stuff. Very efficient bag check in, which made me happy. Then I watched the half marathons coming into the MCG. It’s funny, watching runners in a bunch. Some of them looked super fit and some looked like they could barely make it from the couch to the toilet but they were all finishing around the same time. Appearance can be deceptive.

I ran into AJH and his running mate at the start line. Good to see a familar face and have a bit of a chat.

The run finally started then, heading up to St Kilda Rd hit a bottle neck and ground to a shuffle. Not even a walk but my mum’s walking pace which is insanely slow. V frustrating. Then got running again. I didn’t see any distance markers for ages but tried to keep running. I finally saw the 4 km marker – at 28 mins into the run – and kinda lost heart at my bad time! I started walking for a while, figuring I’d not make goal time no matter what but then got to an uncrowded stretch and took off running, not to make up time or to meet any goals but for the sheer fun of running. That’s the best feeling.

Got to the Yarra and began really feeling the heat. After the drink stations, I’d run okay for a km or so then fade out again. The drink stations were a nightmare and I really felt sorry for the volunteers. So many people pushing. OMG, I have to say, if you are running for a charity and very visibly outfitted with their logo, it’s prolly not a good idea to act like a bunch of self-centred bitches! Pushing people out of the way to get to the drinks table isn’t going to do your cause any good.

Finally got within sight of the ‘G and took off figuring I was nearly home. Ha, not so soon. There was a tricky little loop bit – bastards!

Finally got inside the ‘G and ran for the finish line. It amazes me how ppl can be within sight of the end and not go their hardest. And when the finish line is at the MCG, it’s just plain unaustralian!

Okay, I have to confess I did a horrible, horrible thing after the run. Something I’d berate other people for doing. I cut in line for the goodie bags at the end! I’m evil. Sure I was overheated and cranky and wanted to get out of the crowd but then everyone else prolly did too, but I am always good and patient and fair while other ppl line cut and for once I just thought bugger it.

I didn’t even want the goodie bag, just the drink. They were out of drinks. I went to another table and managed to get a powerade though, thankfully.

Being all heroic and stupid, I decided to walk home but got halfway and was so buggered, I caught the tram (I wasn’t even going to think about the stupid train).

Anyway, after all that hard work, went to see my darling son. He’s getting wisdom teeth, poor baby, so I took him to get soft food. He’d made a chocolate ripple cake and I ate far, far too much of it. Not only too many calories but I forgot that cream makes me feel sick, doubly so on a hot day.

So that’s me right now – sick in the belly and even my DOMS have DOMS!


5 responses to “Post race

  1. Kettle drum class the day before? You were running in a whole different category of race there- some sort of crazy masochistic type of event. Good work on soldiering through.

  2. 10km is 10km. And you did it. Yay you!

  3. Come now, it wasn’t a race, it was a training run for you! And I hear the 10km runners got some decent swag too. Hope you feel better today

  4. Well done…
    You did it all the same AND you got the goodie bag….
    LMAO at the DOMS comment.. will remember that one!

  5. Congratulations on your run 🙂 I agree- that loop was very deceptive when you’re near the MCG and suddenly we’re turning back! I was so excited to see the MCG in my sights but then you run up and run away and then run up again! LOL. But it was great to come in to the MCG- but it was like the finish line which was also deceptive- did you notice that too? The big red inflated archway I thought was the finish line and when I got there I realised no I have another 20 feet! Ha ha ha…

    Well done!

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