16 days to Japan

I’m off to run in the 10 ks at the Melb Marathon this morning. I’d kinda, well not exactly forgotten about this run, but it’s not been at the forefront of my mind in recent times. I’ve not even run for a week or so since I’ve been sick so I’m not expecting to get a good time. Oh well the main thing is to turn up and have a good time 🙂

Last night I went through all my clothes, deciding what I’m packing for Japan. We took photos but the battery went flat in the camera. Everything I tried on was too tight and yuck. Very depressing. Then I tried on my old faithful dress and it was far, far too tight.

OMG! Seriously this very same dress fitted me when I was about 3-4 kilos heavier than I am now. I think something wack is happening in my body — like I’m bloated up like a blow fish. Plus my period has been hovering around for about a week, ready to strike, like some bird of prey.

I’ve put things into a pile to try on when my body is actually willing to co-operate!

Half the reason I’ve been so slack over the past week (aside from feeling sick) is because I’ve had the attitude that it’s only 3 weeks until I go away so I can’t really do much in that time.

That attitude sucks. I actually can make a difference. I’ve got a bit over 2 weeks left to go and I can be lighter or I can be heavier.

We went to the supermarket and stocked up on good food and healthy snacks. I’ve got food sorted until I go away now 😀

Exercise-wise, after today’s run, I figure the best thing to do is to concentrate on interval training since that’s the best way to burn fat (and I love interval training) plus keep up the kettle bell classes (anything that hurts that much has to be doing me good…right?).

Now I’d better go get ready for this run.

3 responses to “16 days to Japan

  1. Hey, hope it went well today and you weren’t too knocked around by the heat!

  2. hi there, how’d you go???
    Do you have two wardrobes, like me and every other woman around (the fat and skinny wardrobe)?? One thing that all women understand!!

  3. Hell it’s not long now is it? Get new batteries for ya camera, want to see lots of photos of Japan mate!

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