3 weeks to Japan: Weigh in 84 kgs


I’m not failing, I’m just not succeeding as fast as I’d like!

I said that the other day and I have remember it.  When I was in full on weight loss mojo back over a year ago now, I consistently lost around 1 kg a week.  At the time I thought I was living a healthy, substainable lifestyle but really I think I did get a bit obsessive.  Determination is good – it got me off the obese train and well out of the diabetes danger zone – but you can’t live your life with weight loss as your main priority forever.

I really have had it in my head that I HAVE to be under 80 kgs before I go to Japan.  Like it’s the Japan rules or something.  More importantly, I’ve wanted to fit back into this dress:


When that photo was taken, I was around 70 kgs and still had to wear gut sucking undies to control the bulging.  I’m NOT going to be packing that dress – I’ve said goodbye to that dream.  One day I’ll wear that dress again but in the meantime I’ll tell myself that polka dots are so two years ago.

Anyway good things that happened today:

  • I might have another week’s work!
  • the $AUD had dropped to 73 yen this morning but it’s rallied back to the 80s.  Çome on Aussie dollar, come on, come on!
  • I got home tonight and smelt something weird.  If it had been someone else’s house, I’d have thought it was cleaning products… anyway, a minute later my housemate popped his head out of the bathroom and asked if we had any White King!  OMG yes, it is possible to slip through portals to alternate universes!  I’m pretty sure that I’ll wake up tomorrow and find it all a dream but in the meantime I’m going to revel in the pleasures of a clean house.

6 responses to “3 weeks to Japan: Weigh in 84 kgs

  1. Ohhh, the dress is gorgeous Kathryn. You’ll fit back into it soon, I’m sure, and the victory will be all the more sweet the longer the wait! 🙂 Personally I think you’re amazing, having lost as much as you have and making such an enormous change to your health and fitness.

    And YAY to your housemate cleaning! Did you have to pinch yourself? LOL

    Thanks for the gym rec, too… definitely going to be trying that out! I can’t believe it’s so cheap!

    Take care 🙂 xo


  2. Is it safe to assume that the lack of comments about it, mean you are feeling better? I hope so!

  3. You can get under 80kg and I know because I just went through that massive barrier and it wasn’t even a big deal- there were no streamers or champagne and no-one even noticed- relax! That is a great photo too!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous dress. You’ll get back into soon enough- make it a summer goal!

    I love the ‘Japan rules’ I tend to make the same rules about every event or trip I go one, lucky those rules seem to be breakable because I never seem to stick by them…

  5. gotta love someone else cleaning 🙂

  6. don’t “they” use bleach to get rid of blood stains after someone is murdered? waaaaahahaha

    I love your red spotty dress, I have been present when you’ve been wearing it! (Sydney). I know you’ll fit back into it, otherwise you’ll have to give it to ME!!

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