I just went to the doctors.  He said he didn’t have a clue what’s wrong with me and to come back in a few days if I’m still sick.  That cost me $25 after my Medicare rebate.  I could have told myself that for free.  And they wonder why ppl would rather self-diagnose using google!

6 responses to “More

  1. Awww MAN, how incredibly sucky! 😦

  2. Pfffft! Same as when ya go to the doctor, tell him EXACTLY what is wrong with you, what you need, and he just writes the prescription and charges you the $54 without a thankyou!

  3. OR A DISCOUNT! *sigh*

  4. Doctors are a disgrace out this side of town too. The last time I went I had to get him to type stuff into a computer so I could read it off the screen cos I couldn’t understand his broken English.

  5. Come to my doctor! She is a bully when it comes to my health and insists on a million tests just because they are free! And she threatens to come after me if I don’t come back for follow ups. Hope you get better – even if you use Dr Google’s advice.

  6. surprisingly-i find pharmacists pretty good-they usually tell me what I need and when i need to go to a doctor!!!! lol ..last week i got the-i dont have anything strong enough for you-you need to go to the doctor-and then when i went back a week later about something-shes like-yeah i remember you….lol..but she is good!

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