• I don’t think I mentioned I got my front teeth fixed.  I changed dentists from my dentist from the one that kept ripping me off (and trying to be a funny man) to a dentist near home.  The first time I visited him, I nearly ran away cos his equipment is like something from the ’50s but I went back and he gave me polymer veneers – far, far cheaper than crowns and they look good.  I’d post before and after pics except I’ve spent the past five years or more avoiding showing my teeth.
  • The other day we tried to catch a tram into the city.  The tram driver shut the doors on us and drove off!  Another woman was also trying to get on the tram and we were all banging on the doors so the driver definitely knew we were there.  I rang Melbourne Trams but they didn’t care.  You’d think actually letting passengers on the tram would be a basic requirement of tram driving.  I’d hate to be an old or disable person trying to get on one.
  • I’m only working one day this week.  I’m kinda pleased about that since I’m feeling sick and one day’s work is better than none. 
  • Weight is NOT good.  It’s amazing how hard it is to lose weight and how easy it is to put it on.  I’m feeling very sorry for myself atm esp since I can’t exercise due to feeling sick.  My main goal for the next three weeks is to fit comfortable into a couple of dresses I want to take with me – maybe I should ditch the scales and just go on dress comfort.

That’s about all I’ve been up to.  I’ve been feeling a bit down about the weight and guilty about my pizza binge.  It seems like since I decided to do my ‘going to Japan body transformation’ I’ve only lost a couple of kilos.  I have to remind myself during that time I actually started off putting on weight, getting to a hair’s breathe from the 90s!   At least I managed to turn that weight gain around – I think I’d be damn awful to live with now if I’d not done that – I’d be all fat and blerk and none of my clothes would fit me.  And to be honest, I’ve not been all that focussed – I’ve had nights out on the booze and too many treats.  There are a few to many days without stars on my star chart.

These are my goals for the next few weeks:

  • Eat a real breakfast.  Far, far too often I grab a coffee and a slice of fruit toast from the bakery to eat on the train.  Fruit toast isn’t a real breakfast and isn’t exactly filling. 
  • Cut out the takeaways.  I’ve made a deal with myself that if I go 6 days wiyhout eating out, then I can get a burger from Dannys (Dannys has the best burgers in the world). 
  • Exercise as much as I can considering I’m sick etc.  Before I got sick, I’d considered using the time off work as a type of bootcamp – going all out with exercise – but then figured I’d just end up injuring myself because you can just boost the intensity and amount of exercise you do without consquences.  Still, I figure if I’m not working, I can get in as much incidental exercise as possible.  Especially not having a functioning car (and being rejected by the trams) – looks like I have to walk everywhere.
  • Drink more water.  I’m almost convinced my current weight gain is partly due to dehydration/retaining water – pizza will do that to you. 
  • Linked to the not eating takeaways etc – I want to eat up all the food stored in my freezer.  I’ve got so much food stockpiled: meals I’ve cooked, frozen dinners etc.  I figure it’s better to use it all up now.  Even though I’m only going away for a couple of weeks, I have this weird fear that the power might go off and ruin everything (we have wacky circuit breakers in our house). 

I think those are all very achievable goals and I’m resisting the idea of doing anything extreme even though it’s tempting.  After all, what’s the point of going on some wacky diet when the moment I arrive in Japan and starting eating real food again, I’ll just bloat up like a balloon.  Slowly, sensibly… it’s hard but it works.

7 responses to “Randomness

  1. Yaa for fixed teeth! Good on you. AS for diet shit, yep slow and easy does it… and ignore the bloody scales and just go with what feels comfy!

  2. Fruit toast is SO a real breakfast….if you spread ricotta on it and add sliced fruit. :p Mmm, might have that for arvo tea today.

    Don’t waste energy feeling guilty about some pizza – there are worse things you could have done. Robbed a homeless guy, stolen your bestie’s feller, you know, important stuff. As you say, at least you’ve turned the weight gain around and that’s a start.

  3. I lost weight after a pizza binge! It’s definitely not game over. But one should always avoid those evil lying scales directly after such indulgence 😉

    Mmm, fruit toast….

  4. I don’t know if it will help but I’ve not touched a scale since I left the gym a few years ago. And I only went on it because of my PT’s request. I hate the scale, it’s a negative influence for me. I measure my progress in cm’s dropped, that’s what makes the difference for me. My weight will go up and down and that’s fine with me, but the cm’s make the difference. Every month I measure myself from this:
    As a guide.

    Take it easy on yourself, you’re a precious person and it can feel overwhelming when we put ourselves under so much pressure. Change will come for you, it’s inevitable- you’ve made the decision and it will come. It’s just a matter of patience 🙂

  5. Not doing anything extreme sounds a good plan – and you can have a lot of fun with eating ‘freezer surprise’ every night. Photo of new teeth please!!!

  6. I’m excited for your new teeth Kathryn. I need a crown for a side tooth that i’ve broken but the price keeps on putting me off. Hope you start feeling better soon.

  7. yay about the new teeth- i ,too, know how much it changes your whole perspective on yourself

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