Planned to go for a run all day today but kept putting it off then finally had to face the fact that I’m feeling sick.  So instead I had a pizza – not such a smart move. 

Some people talk about how when they get used to healthy eating then they have a treat they used to love, they no longer like the taste.  Not me.  I love my pizza and I love my chocolate and I love about a million other things that I shouldn’t. 

Anyway, I’m totally buggered.  Spending 3 hours or more travelling to work this week really knocked me about, plus I had to go out on Thursday night and didn’t get home under after midnight!  I didn’t get in all that exercise I’d planned but I only worked three days so figured training hard on the days I can and resting on the others is enough.  I don’t have to exercise every day, something I sometimes forget.

This week I only have a day’s work lined up, enough to keep me going financially.  Well if I stop spending –  bought a few things this week but they were things I needed like a digital camera (expect lots of pic posts shortly) and a toilet bag and long shorts.

Hopefully I can sleep off this sore throat and wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to run.


4 responses to “Arrgghhh…

  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon … I definitely feel worse when I don’t get the time to exercise.

  2. People who say that are liars!

    I still love cheese and chocolate and ice-cream and wine and chips and all that stuff as much as I did when I was eating it more often.

    Food rules, always has always will.


  3. Fingers crossed for the lurgi to BEGONE!!

  4. unfortunately i love eating rubbish-but when i hve salad and healthy salmon or something, im always surprised at HOW much i actually enjoy it. hopefully the sore throat wont take hold

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