This month I go to Japan!

Whoa, only 27 days until I get on the plane.  Except the damn $Aud is crap.  Damn world economic crisis… couldn’t it have waited a month?  And I’ve still not worked out why the $Aussie is so effected by the US but I’m pretty sure it’s John Howard’s fault with all his buddying up to George Bush.  Personally I think we should cut all ties with them.  The most important thing for Australia’s economy at the moment is that the dollar holds strong against the yen.

I also don’t understand why some arsehat had to drive a forklift up and down next door’s drive way which is like a foot from my bedroom window for 2 hours this morning starting at 6.45 am.

Oh and I only have 2 more days work this week then nothing at all.  It’s dire trying to find work for just 3 weeks before I go away. 

Anyway I should go for a run since I had today off work and have faffed around for the whole day.  I need to find work and lose weight and learn more Japanese.  Stat.

4 responses to “This month I go to Japan!

  1. arsehat???
    I like your list of things to do….sounds a little like me!
    How long are you off to Japan for?

  2. Like Sassy said “Arsehat???” – I’ve never heard that one before. Please explain?

  3. I love the word arsehat! It seems to be gaining popularity. I can’t beleive it is only a month till you go. It has gone so fast.

  4. Your agency loves you, they will turn something up. You’re going THIS MONTH!! How exciting! I bet you can hardly think of anything else.

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