31 days to Japan

I said in my last post I’d start giving myself a % rating for my efforts.  Well at the moment, I reckon I’m hitting around 35-40% – not good at all. 

No excuses, just strategies.  Since I don’t have a car and have to spend 3 hours or more travelling to work on the lousy train, I’ve not been exercising.  When I don’t exercise, I overeat.  Today I thought out ways I can still get some exercise into my day.

Firstly, I need to stop thinking of exercise as being a huge block of time.  By the time I get back into the city after work, the thought of spending over an hour at the gym is mighty unappealing.  Instead I’ve been thinking of doing even 10-15 mins of exercise each morning.  That’s got to be better than nothing – either heading out for a short run or even doing a basic circuit of pushups, squats etc.  Add in a 10 min or so brisk walk each way between the station and work then whatever I can do at night.  It’s only for a week so I’m going to get my exercise where I can.

The other issue is NOT eating at home.  Got to stop.  I think the biggest problem is that my sister doesn’t eat all day then wants to go get food at night.  The simple answer is to just say NO.  Not only is it awful fattening, it’s spending money I should be saving (and so should she). 

At least I got in some exercise today – I worked from home but had an appointment with the beautican at the gym for a free pedicure.  Got to the gym early and did some intervals on the treadie then had 15 mins to kill so headed down to the boxing room.  I always intend to use the boxing room when it’s empty but have been a bit tentative.  I don’t know why – maybe worried that someone might see me in there looking like an idiot.  Anyway it was heaps of fun and an awesome way to workout.

Now I have pretty blue toenails.  I got shown around the beauty area.  The City Baths really is a baths – they have private rooms with the big old clawfoot baths in them.  You can go in for a soak.  Awesome.  I never have baths cos my piggy housemates use our bath and that puts me off soaking in it.


7 responses to “31 days to Japan

  1. I got off my behind last week and made a list of 5 meals then went and bought the stuff for them …….. it made such a difference to cooking a good dinner (hello captain obvious, I know)
    Off to paint my toenails now

  2. 31 days! I am jealous. We’re back now and I so didn’t want to bloody leave!! I think the build up to going is more fun too x

  3. Not able to get up earlier, or exercise after work? I know sometimes it’s not appealing but I got up an hour earlier to exercise and when you wake up you think… ok I can spend 30 in bed half asleep which doesn’t mean crap to my day or I can get up and recharge myself and feel awesome. Depends on how much exercise is a priority to you, I think.

  4. Um, yep ok, i’ll just try and keep my mouth shut about THAT comment. I can’t believe how close Japan is now. Hello Kitty Motel – here you come!! haha

  5. My 30 minute saviour circuit (great when I’m stuck in hotels or know I won’t fit in any other exercise that day):
    5 minute warm up walk
    15 pushups followed by 1 minute of shadow boxing – repeat three times
    15 crunches followed by 1 minute of step ups – repeat three times
    15 jump squats followed by 1 minute of star jumps – repeat three times
    5 minute cool down walk

  6. I love having baths! I never used to have them because I was so big and unfit that I had trouble getting back out of them. Now I revel in them. Bubbles and bubbles is my favourite way to go!

  7. a 15min plan to start the day sounds like a good’un

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