5 weeks: weigh in

Weighed in at 84.8 kgs today.  That’s a 1.5 kg gain.  I’m not too fussed cos I think I’m carrying lots of poo and water weight atm (tasty, aren’t I?)

My thing for last week was to think positive.  I don’t think that was so successful, mostly because I forgot.  This week I’m going to be most positive about myself.  I also want to put in 100% every day.  I might even give myself a daily % rating.


3 responses to “5 weeks: weigh in

  1. Gotta hate the poo and water! Weighing oneself can be soul destroying!!

  2. 1.5kg could be water easy … so don’t sweat it! Once you get a chance for some exercise that will go … looks like the next couple of days could be promising, weather wise.

  3. I like the daily % rating…. I might steal that idea!

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