I forgot to mention the other really cool thing I did yesterday.  As a birthday pressie to myself, I went to the local beauty place and had a makeup lesson.

My usual style of makeup is pretty slapdash – chuck on some foundation then black eyeliner.  Smudge some black eyeshadow around the eyes to cover the wonky eyeliner line then a bit of colour over the top.  If I want to be really fancy, I put on some mascara and lip gloss.  For job interviews, I wear lipstick.  That is basically it.

I learnt heaps at the lesson.  She did up one side of my face with a daytime look and the other for night.  The colours she used were ones I’d never pick for myself ever – warm colours like pinks and coppers for day and brighter blues for night.  Apparently I shouldn’t wear black eyeliner – that’s going to be a hard habit to break – but should use a midnight blue.

I took all my makeup with me so we looked at ways of using what I have as well as her suggestions.  I had a ball – I’ve had makeovers done at department stores but they are trying to flog their products.  Mostly what I need to buy now are some good makeup brushes and a few cheap colours.  Oh and I got $50 off any of their products so I’m getting a really good quality mineral foundation for next to nothing!  Woohoo – I’d been planning to buy one anyway.


4 responses to “Plus

  1. You’ll love mineral foundation, I am a makeup spaz so it has saved my life.

  2. That sounds great! I really need to do this as well – where did you go?

  3. That’s what I need to do. I reckon my girls are way better at applying make up than me.

  4. Eeeeee, that sounds like a super awesome treat to yourself!

    I got taught how to do make up when I was a kid, but only as an actor – so now, whenever I put it on, I put it on like I’m about to go onstage rather than to go out for dinner with someone, whoops! o_0

    [and an ex-friend of mine had a hard time breaking the black eyeliner habit too, she was advised to use midnight blue as well. I had been using midnight blue all along and when she made the switch, I felt ripped off that she copied me, hah!]

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