36 days to Japan

What great weather today – I love spring.  I haven’t been able to fully go out and enjoy it on account of being slightly hungover from drinking and karaoking last night.  Much rocking was done at the Karaoke bar.

I’ve been fully convinced over the past few years that when I drink I get so badly hungover that I can’t get out of bed for at least a day, sometimes 2 day.  I think that was the case when I had insanely high blood sugar because alcohol does crazy things to your blood sugar levels (and I think being on diabetes medication makes it worse). 

I’m starting to realise now though, it’s not the hangover that wipes me out.  I think that I can’t get out of bed so I stay in bed all day — not eating or drinking water or doing anything other than sleeping some more.  It’s the excess sleep, dehydration and lack of food that causes the problems.  Well that and the “I’m too sick to get out of bed” mindset. 

Today some friends came over and I got up and went out for coffee and lunch.  I’ve spent the afternoon cleaning up and getting organised for the week ahead.  I feel a million times better than I would have sleeping all afternoon.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ve got to do something about my poor car.  Apparently I can’t leave it parked on the street with slashed tyres because it’s illegal to leave it in an unroadworthy condition.  I’ll ring the police and discuss it with them.  If I do get the tyres fixed (and I’m not really sure how to do that since I can’t actually drive the car with 3 bung tyres) then I’m going to park it at my son’s place until I get back from Japan.  Then I’m going to look for a new place to live – with off street parking.


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