38 Days to Japan: Why?

When I first organised to go to Japan, a few months back, I checked the exchange rate.  The $AUD was worth around 100 Yen.  Nice and simple for working out exchange rates etc.  I never thought about it again until the other day – at the gym, I noticed the financial crap on the telly screen.  The freaken $AUD is now only worth 80 Yen.  It’s like someone has gone to my bank account and stolen 20% of my savings!

You know, after studying business and all that economics crud at uni, I should understand this stuff but really I don’t.  How come our money is now so worthless?  And, more importantly, is it going to go up again?  I need to know.

Is it because Kevin Rudd kept gallivanting over to Japan earlier in the year and needed lots of yen but now he doesn’t care?  Just because K-Rudd has all his Hello Kitty merchandise, doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t need to buy it.  Speaking of Kevin Rudd and Hello Kitty – don’t you think if he put a bow in his hair, the resemblance would be uncanny?  Yikes, maybe he’s been replaced by Hello Kitty and no one’s noticed!  It’s all an evil plot, I tell ya!


9 responses to “38 Days to Japan: Why?


  2. Yeah I am going to Hawaii in a few weeks and I have the exact same problem with the US dollar. It is seriously like you said that someone has just stolen 20% of our money. I am glad that my accommodation was paid for when the dollar was strong, but I was planning on doing some serious shopping. Damn it.

  3. ….. I won’t ever be able to look at KR without thinking of Hello Kitty now…

    Thanks for the laugh..

  4. Poor LBTEPA – hope the tea wasn’t too hot. Krudd is half Mr Sheen half Hello Kitty. Hopefully the dollar will strenghten again for you.

  5. Ouch – hammered by the exchange rate!

  6. I asked alot of questions as a child, once I asked mum “if we need money why can’t we just print some” and bless her she did try to explain the finer points of economics to her 6 year old child.

    I reckon K-Rudd looks scarily like the late John Denver, maybe he isn’t so late after all………..

  7. The finance people at my place don’t think the A$ will recover much vs USD, not sure about Yen though.

    Who knows though, it’s about as predictable as the weather.

  8. Hell I hope for your sake the exchange rate doesn’t drop even more! That sucks.

  9. Buy some yen now just in case. I have never seen KRudd and Hello Kitty in the same place at the same time- you must be right!

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