6 weeks to Japan: 0 days to my birthday!

Weigh in today – 83.3 kgs.  A while back I said I wanted to be under 80 kgs for my birthday but that didn’t happen.  I’m surprised I even lost this week – I went a bit crazy after my last weigh in. 

I had a big DER moment this week: I’ve realised if I eat at home and cook myself, I lose weight.  If I go out for meals, I don’t.  Plain and simple.  I don’t even have to make an effort to cook low calorie meals because if I cook, I cook healthy.  If I go out, I can make healthy choices but who knows what they do to that food in the kitchen.  Chefs love oil!

Having said that, I will be going out for a birthday lunch today and I will be going out Saturday night and cocktails will be consumed!  I just have to be extra careful for the rest of the week.

I’ve already been for birthday run and did the 5 km loop around my block in 29 mins.  That’s my fastest time ever.  I used my nike+ but I think it’s out by about 5% so I actually run 5.25 kms on it to compensate.  Go me with the speedy running…lolz.

Finally, Kada tagged me for this ages ago and I’ve had problems with remembering stuff but I thought I’d do it today.

What is something you’d love to say to your younger selves of 2, 5, 10 and 15 years ago? (Doesn’t necessarily have to be the same thing each time.)

Two years ago: I was at my goal weight, woohoo!  My advice – don’t put on weight.  I could get all down about how I’ve porked up over the past 2 years and regret every thing I’ve eaten since but what’s the point of that?  Much better to remember that I got there once and I can again.  Check me out here – those are the black jeans I want to get back into.

Five years ago:  Not dieting but going to the park every night to walk the dogs and get some exercise, listening to the White Stripes and Strokes on my walkman (the olden days before ipods).  My advice – keep going with the walking.  And the swimming.  You’re on the right track 😀

Ten years ago:  when the doctor says to improve your diet and exercise – LISTEN!   If you really can’t follow that advice, then don’t buy tickets to see Nick Cave cos you’ll be in hospital having your gallstones removed and your sister will sell your ticket to some dude who never gives you the money for it.

Fiften years ago:  when you think it might be a BAD idea to go to $2 pot night every Monday and that it might interfere with work, drop the guilty and do it.  In the future, you’ll remember how much fun you had and it’s only a job.  Oh yeah, and Japanese class at uni — pay more attention, you’ll be glad you did in the future.

16 responses to “6 weeks to Japan: 0 days to my birthday!

    could you let me know the Plan for the weekend again? I think I’ve lost the email 😦

  2. Happy birthday Kathryn. Have a great day 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! Have a good one 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Fastest time is a great pressy! Hope you have an ACE day!!!

  5. “Chefs love oil!” And the salt! Shit yeah do they love the salt!

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Kathryn – have a wonderful day!

    You’re right about eating out – it is a real trap!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHICK! I hope you have had a fabulous day.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kathryn, I hope you had a wonderful day.

  9. Happy birthday! You make me laugh out loud.

  10. Happy Birthday, you gorgeous thing you! 😀

  11. Happy belated birthday Kathryn! Hope it was fabulous!!

  12. Happy birthday Kathryn. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Hugs.

  13. Happy Birthday!

    Maybe you should let people know that you are the person standing up, not the person on the stairs :-p

  14. I love these things that you would say to yourself, they’re so positive and helpful. I think mine would be negative!

  15. yay happy birthday…it certainly makes e think of what i would say to myself…two days ago i would have said dont smash a champane bottle in aldi-it is way embarassing

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