43 days to Japan

Ì seriously should have a content block on my internet to stop me from looking at plastic surgery sites!  Once I start looking, I want everything done.  I got on one site that did trips to Thailand with breast augmentation included for $AUD5000.  That’s a total bargain… except I ‘don’t even need breast augmentation. 

It’s amazing how the promise of instant results can override your common sense.  The other day I was in Borders and found myself in the diet section.  All those ‘lose 50 kilos in 2 days’ books kept finding their way into my hands.  Luckily I have a finely tuned bullshit detector plus I know that I’d never stick to their plans.  Yesterday I started looking at South Beach, then I remembered somedays carbs are the only thing that keep me from killing.

So this week I’ve been focusing on my core and discovered something amazing: your mum and nan are right.  Sucking your guts in works.  If you want INSTANT RESULTS, forget the snake oil.  Good posture makes you look thinner for free.  Not only that, you can’t walk down the street with the stomach in and shoulders back while feeling blah.  You have to strut.

This week I’m going to focus on positive thoughts.  I have issues with positive thinking – I mean, I’m all cynical and hard.  I don’t fall for that hippy BS.  But, at different times, it’s worked for me. 

  • When I first started losing weight, I’d have all those ‘I don’t want to go to the gym… I’m too tired… I’ll just skip it for today… ‘ You know the thoughts I mean.  Every time one of those thoughts came into my head, I’d mentally scream ‘I love the gym’ over the top of it.  Now I love the gym. In the past 2-3 years (however long it’s been), I’ve rarely skipped a workout unless I’ve been sick.  I love the gym.
  • The other day when I was doing hill intervals, I really didn’t want to do them.  It was hard.  Dead hard.  Half way though I changed my thinking to say ‘this hill is easy and every time I run up it, I get stronger’.  After that, the hill did get much easier.

Woah, spooky.

Even spookier, and I’m almost loathe to write this, a while back I read through The Secret while waiting for my appointment at the hairdressers.  I’m pretty much opposed to anything that relies on The Universe to deliver.  To my thinking, if The Universe is actually listening and looking after the comfortably off, disenchanted white, middle class while kids in third world countries are dying of starvation then The Universe should get it’s freaken priorities in order.

Anyway, after I read The Secret, I mocked it to my sister saying, since The Secret says to live as though your dreams were reality, we should go to the airport and tell them that The Universe has provided us with tickets to Japan.  Ha, ha… except now — oogie, boogie — we are going to Japan!  Although I don’t think the universe has provided so much as Jetst*r and our own efforts.

So this week: positive thoughts.  Like I’M HOT (is that too shallow?)  and I’M A TOTAL GUN AT WEIGHT LOSS. 

When I was at the top of my weight losing mojo, I bought myself a shiny, red notebook and this is what I wrote on the first page:

This journal is to commemorate me losing 20 kilograms.  I did it.   It wasn’t always easy but I kept going and didn’t give up.  I’ve worked hard to get to where I am today and I’m proud of me – I’m far healthier and stronger than I was 12 months ago and I will continue to get stronger and healthier.

It is my choice how I deal with things and if I let life get to me.  If I respond like an angry child it doesn’t “show” anyone – it just hurts me.  The best way to show people is by being the healthiest, strongest, best me possible.

This journal is to celebrate me and my beauty.  I can do it.  The only thing holding me back is me.  The only thing taking me forward is me.  It’s all about ME!

I was in that place once and I can be again.  They are my words and they must be true: I wrote them in sparkly silver pen.


8 responses to “43 days to Japan

  1. Sparkly silver pen doesn’t lie. 🙂

    Positive thinking beats going through life in Eeyore mode.

    Hmm, except for those annoying always positive people – they just give me the irrits. You know – the ones who can see good in everyone and never EVER have a bad word to say about anybody, even if that person is a total arsehole. What is up with that?

  2. Love this post Kathryn. Your words in that journal are so positive, and so true!

  3. Positive thinking hey… maybe I should give that a go!!
    Good to hear you sounding so positive. I really need to try yelling at myself that I love the gym… I haven’t been in weeks!

  4. Most days carbs are the only thing between me and life in prison. I tried Atkins once, I lasted a week then I fainted and ate a jumbo serve of hot chips to “recover”.

    Nothing wrong with declaring “I am hot”, you gotta believe it first before anyone else will, confidence baby, confidence.


  5. You are HOT – no question about it!

    This is a great post Kathryn – the words you wrote in the journal are really quite powerful.

    “It is my choice how I deal with things and if I let life get to me.” – if more people thought like this the world would be a happier place.

  6. Brilliant post and one that has helped “sparkle” me back into doing the right thing too. You have this knack of writing what I feel, it’s like you’re my spooky long lost twin or something -oh except your taste in music – cos you’re a “Shitney” fan and i’m so NOT!!
    I am however, a fan of sparkly anything! LOLZ

  7. Thanks Kathryn!
    Love your positive affirmations. They are so important. At the beginning of the race today there were many people passing me. I was getting upset but I just thought – “I’m out here doing it”.

  8. Love your silver sparkly words. Very inspiring. Damn it. that means I’ll have to go to the gym tonight now……………………

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